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Articles from the February 13, 2018 edition

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  • Only Those in Government Can Abuse Political Power or Give Special Favors

    Susan Shelley, Southern California News Group|Feb 13, 2018

    If you take the politics out of it, all the current investigations in politics are about just one thing: Abuse of power. Forget whether crimes can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. It's not illegal to use a private server for government email. It's not illegal to talk to Russians. It's not illegal to dig for political dirt or to use that information to try to win an election. What should concern us most is the abuse of power for personal gain, followed by the abuse of power to get away with...

  • At OPCC, a Screaming Woman Keeps Other Guests Awake at Night

    Allie Smith|Feb 13, 2018

    Dear Editor: There are women living at (O.P.C.C.) Daybreak Shelter in Santa Monica who are so severely mental that they are a danger to themselves, and everyone at this facility. This person "Jeanine" screams and sobs, and curses all night long so that the other women cannot sleep. They become angry and combative after having to put up with her psychotic episodes. Other women staying there tell her to shut up and threaten to beat her up if she doesn't stop. The Staff chooses to leave her...

  • You Could Have More Than Your Heart Stolen on Valentine's Day

    LA County DA|Feb 13, 2018

    Unexpected Packages Could Surprise Your Wallet An unexpected gift on Valentine's Day might seem like a nice way to your heart, but these deliveries may also give scammers a direct route to your credit card. In the Bogus Delivery Scam, the victim gets a phone call from a "shipping company" to schedule a delivery. The scammer, sometimes dressed in uniform, arrives at the victim's house with the package. If asked who sent it, the scammer says he or she doesn't know or that the sender's card will...

  • God Forbid, A Stock Market Crash is Ahead. Maybe. Or Maybe Not

    Nancy Kaufman, Observer Staff Writer|Feb 13, 2018

    A month before Wall Street's recent correction shared media headlines with all things Trump, columnist David Von Drehel of the Washington Post said that a recession, slump, or "God forbid a crash, " lay ahead. Drehel might have been prescient, but let's hope last week's plunge won't turn into a full-blown crash. The good news of the January jobs report ( brought sunshine to the economy, along with a hailstorm for the market as the Dow Jones dipped...