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 By Zane    Lifestyle    May 18, 2017

Is America Ready for Animated Sex?

If you grew up watching Wile E. Coyote being blown up, or Tom beat up Jerry, you'll notice that there has been a long history of violent animation – much of it aimed at young children. Older...

 By Zane    Politics    May 18, 2017

American Diabetes Association Calls Out Inaccurate Comments from White House Office of Management and Budget Director

On behalf of the nearly 30 million Americans living with diabetes, the American Diabetes Association is extremely disappointed by the misinformed statement of Mick Mulvaney, director of the White...

 By Zane    Science    May 18, 2017

Save the Penguins: Urgency Grows for Governments to Establish Network of Protected Areas off Antarctica

The Pew Charitable Trusts has called on the 25 member governments of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) to continue their efforts to establish a network...


Ten Things that Often Happen in Sitcoms but Never Happen in Real Life

1. Everyone in the gang tries out for a community theater production. The most vain character doesn't get the leading role. Petty jealously and bickering lead to a disastrous performance. 2. A...

 By Observer Staff    News    May 18, 2017

SamoHi Cancels Drug Seminar After Discovering Scientology is Behind the "Foundation for a Drug Free World"

After discovering that Scientology is connected with the Foundation for a Drug Free World, Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District is looking elsewhere for drug education District Superintendent B...

 By Stan Greene    Science    May 18, 2017

Saturn's Moon Iapetus Revealed As An Alien "Death Star" Starship: Cassini Spacecraft

Soundings from the high intensity ultrasound imager on the Cassini spacecraft prove that Iapetus, like another Saturnian moon Pan, is a holdover from the same ancient alien civilization. Iapetus is a...

 By Ella Branch    Science    May 18, 2017

Shark Bite: What If Sharks Are Attacking Us, Because We're Finning Them?

Cape Cod, Massachussetts. August, the twenty-first century. A ten-foot mako shark swings lightly in the breeze, suspended horizontally from a measuring gallows on the pier where a crowd of locals and...

 By Ron Irwin    Arts    May 18, 2017

Amazing Set, Acting Excellent, But Confusing Message

Imagine a family living on a beautiful farm by a lovely pond in Northern or perhaps Central California. There is a large family home and another smaller home occupied by an immigrant woman and her...

 By Samuel Alioto    News    May 18, 2017

WaPo: Syrian Government Has Constructed Crematorium to Execute Prisoners

Officials say at least 50 prisoners a day are executed, some in mass hangings, at the notorious Sednaya military prison outside of Damascus. And the officals accused Russia and Iran of complicity in...


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