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Articles from the June 2, 2016 edition

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 By Observer Staff    News    June 2, 2016

UCLA students struggled with unlocked doors during shooting

UCLA (AP) -- In the minutes after a fatal shooting at a UCLA engineering building, panicked students seeking a safe place to hide used belts, cords and other items to try to secure doors they said...

 By David Ganezer    News    June 2, 2016

Professor Shot by Student at UCLA Identified as William S. Klug

Aeronautical engineering professor William S. Klug has been identified the victim of a fatal shooting on the UCLA campus on Wednesday. According to students and the UCLA online catalog, Dr. Klug...

 By David Ganezer    News    June 2, 2016

Lost Audio Tape by Bob Hope Discovered for his 113th Birthday

One day in 1984, an 81 year old immigrant turned entertainer, walked into to a Hollywood recording studio. Bob Hope came to Sunwest Recording Studio to sing a comedic number about another...

 By Ranger Zach    News    June 2, 2016

Bobcat Kittens Born In Santa Monica Mountains

Studying the movements of animals can reveal certain behaviors. Earlier this spring, biologist Joanne Moriarty saw something familiar with Bobcat-339. Her GPS points indicated denning. So we went to...

 By Sabine Rose    Opinion    June 2, 2016

Harambe: Tempering the Hatred Within Ourselves

Whether or not the zoo officials were right to shoot Harambe, given the situation at hand, is a completely different question depending on what level of immediacy one chooses to apply to the...

 By David Ganezer    News    June 2, 2016

Assembly Denies State Bar Funding Bill-- Perhaps Enough is Finally Enough!

It looks like enough is finally enough. After paying 14 employees each more than California Gov. Brown, the Assembly has finally had it. The State Bar, funded entirely by bar dues, is unable to fund...

 By Brett Abrams    Opinion    June 2, 2016

Progressive Group Calls on Sanders, Clinton to Endorse Gun Safety Measures in California After UCLA Shooting

Group Calls on Sanders, Clinton to Endorse Gun Safety Measures in California After UCLA Shooting CALIFORNIA -- As the Democratic Presidential primary race heads to California and polls show the race tightening significantly, the California-based...

 By Observer Staff    News    June 2, 2016

UCLA Shooter Had Kill List; Woman On His List Found Dead in Minnesota

The body of a woman named on a "kill list" found in the home of Mainak Sarkar, the man who shot himself and killed a UCLA professor in a murder-suicide on the university's campus, is at the morgue in...


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