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 By Sabine Rose    Science    August 30, 2016

We Got Crabs: My Volunteer Experience at Heal the Bay's Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

If you're a Santa Monica resident of any age, form, or profession, consider volunteering for Heal The Bay's Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. Glam color-changing cephalopods, adorable baby sharks, and...


Alternative Music Videos: Mediaeval Baebes, The Piano Guys, Mbandi, Seminole Wind, CocoRosie

If you're like most people, you're sick and tired of the mainstream junk they play on the radio. You know, the dreaded intro that pounds underneath a gleeful d-j's extended blathering, and then launch...

 By Sabine Rose    Science    August 17, 2016

Moon Jellies, Hammerhead Sharks, Mahi Mahi and Tuna Invade Steinbeck's Cannery Row

Seconds after stepping through a pair of outsized doors into the wide-open aquarium h.q., I spotted a young educator in a navy blue shirt kneeling to present a glass cylinder to some kids. Inside the...


Lonesome Struggles of the Nail Artist (You Are Not Alone)

1. The seesaw manicure: when you're painting a friend's nails and she has higher standards or sharper eyesight than you. So you let a tiny bit of color splat on the finger by accident, and she makes...

 By Sabine Rose    Lifestyle    July 29, 2016

"A View of the World From the Santa Monica Pier" is a Local Tribute to Famous Cover

Sabine Rose wrote painted our cover art this week, "View of the World from the Santa Monica Pier," which is available free on newsstands throughout Santa Monica now. In it, a girl plays Pokemon Go on...

 By Sabine Rose    Movies    July 25, 2016

Do the Fish, Whale Shark and Octopus in Finding Dory Behave Like Real Fish?

"Hands! Hands!" Trembling with fear, the purple pickles burrow under the sand to wait out the plunging, poking, wrenching storm that is a sea of children crowded around a touch tank. If you've seen...

 By Sabine Rose    Movies    July 25, 2016

Finding Dory Stands On Its Own as a Marine Lost & Found Tale

Thirteen years ago, a six-year-old girl screamed and ran out of the movie theater into painfully broad sunlight because an Australian Great White Shark with a magnificent grin had smiled across the...

 By Sabine Rose    Science    July 19, 2016

Down to the Sea: Anemone Clone Wars and Friends With Benefits

Growing up in Santa Monica, California, I thought the terrestrials around me were weird (think dates at e-cigarette bars and living tin men collecting coins on the Promenade.) But it turns out, the...

 By Sabine Rose    Science    July 10, 2016

What Bonobo and Dolphin Sexuality Teaches Us about Humans

I'm going to say it. The "s" word. Don't laugh. Please don't tell on me. It's the iron core of our flesh-and-blood universe as living beings. It's also the source of countless thousands of...

 By Sabine Rose    Lifestyle    June 15, 2016

Bubbles the Pilot Whale: An Ambassador to Humans, Or a Prisoner of Them?

Bubbles, a pilot whale captured off the coast of California and trained to perform in Marineland and later Seaworld for over 30 years, died around age 50 Thursday. Since her species is thought to...

 By Sabine Rose    Health    June 9, 2016

Do Fish feel pain? Do lobsters suffer trauma from domestic or urban captivity?

As science continues to delve into the depths of Earth's taxonomic soup, an increasing amount of evidence suggests we are not the only people on the planet. For centuries, humans have held the...

 By Sabine Rose    Opinion    June 2, 2016

Harambe: Tempering the Hatred Within Ourselves

Whether or not the zoo officials were right to shoot Harambe, given the situation at hand, is a completely different question depending on what level of immediacy one chooses to apply to the...


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