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Articles from the July 19, 2016 edition

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  • Two small earthquakes rock Malibu

    Observer Staff|Jul 19, 2016

    Malibu residents reported feeling two mild earthquakes Monday evening. One was in the ocean at 1:52 PM and measured 3.3 on the Richter scale. The second was at 4:17 PM and measured 2.7 magnitude. No damage or injuries were reported...

  • Melania Trump Appears to Have Plagiarized Michelle Obama's 2008 Convention Speech

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 19, 2016

    Donald Trump introduced his wife, model Melania Trump to the Convention floor tonight. The potential future First Lady has rarely spoken publicly, so she is a bit of a mystery to the American public. Shrouded in dramatic fog, the Republican Presidential candidate took the stage to "we are the champions" by Queen. He promised a big win in November and then presented "the next first lady of the United States, my wife Melania Trump." In an accent that sounded a little like Zha Zha Gabor, she thanke...

  • Civil War on the Convention Floor Makes Must See TV

    Stan Greene|Jul 19, 2016

    Anti-Trump delegates from Texas and Colorado openly revolted on the floor of the Republican national convention in Cleveland, to the delight of the national media. Breaking with tradition, Trump himself will appear at the convention to introduce his wife, Melania Some camps of delegates wanted an open roll call vote on the rules. They weren't able to get that rollcall vote, primarily because the Trump campaign and the Republican national committee, did not want to open it up to a rollcall. The...

  • Down to the Sea: Anemone Clone Wars and Friends With Benefits

    Sabine Rose, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 19, 2016

    Growing up in Santa Monica, California, I thought the terrestrials around me were weird (think dates at e-cigarette bars and living tin men collecting coins on the Promenade.) But it turns out, the real weird characters don't start showing up until you grab your goggles and take a dip in the water. Whether it's off the So-Cal shore, or on a Sulawesi reef; whether you prefer your agua dulce or with extra salt, you're sure to find animals with extreme, and sometimes comical, adaptations...

  • Outfest Spotlight: Filmmaker Emily Robinson of "Virgin Territory"

    Daniel Margolis, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 19, 2016

    The Santa Monica Observer was privileged to interview seventeen-year-old filmmaker, Emily Robinson (known for her role as Young Rose on the Amazon TV series, "Transparent"), to discuss her new short film, "Virgin Territory". The film premiered to wide acclaim on June 2, 2016, at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and will also be screened at Outfest LA as part of the "Girl Shorts" short-film series, on Friday, July 15, 2016, at 9:30 PM, and Sunday, July 17, 2016, at 3:30 PM, at the Director's Guild...

  • Sewage Spill in Boyle Heights Causes Long Beach Closure

    Observer Staff|Jul 19, 2016

    A sewage spill in downtown Los Angeles flowed into the L.A. River on Monday and prompted officials in Long Beach to shut down the city's beaches. The spill occurred near 6th Street and Mission Road in Boyle Heights, according to Paul Gomez, a spokesman for the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works. Long Beach officials estimate the spill involved about 108,000 gallons. Dr. Mauro Torno, the acting health officer for Long Beach, decided to shut down swimming along the coast until tests...