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 By Observer Staff    News    August 17, 2016

Northern California Loses Historic Small Town to Clayton Fire

The Clayton Fire has destroyed a California town, enveloping more than 175 homes, businesses and other structures. Ironically, buidlings lost include a Habitat for Humanity office. The 3000 fire...

 By Sabine Rose    Science    August 17, 2016

Moon Jellies, Hammerhead Sharks, Mahi Mahi and Tuna Invade Steinbeck's Cannery Row

Seconds after stepping through a pair of outsized doors into the wide-open aquarium h.q., I spotted a young educator in a navy blue shirt kneeling to present a glass cylinder to some kids. Inside the...


Just How Bad is Crime in Rio? People ask after the Ryan Lochte robbery

Just how bad is crime in Rio? By all accounts, the answer is pretty bad. Six months ago I had an Uber driver named Elizaveta. She was married, 27 and Brazilian. She was well educated and wore...


"Making a Murderer" Netflix pair apparently to be released

Uncle and Nephew pair Steve Avery and Brendan Dassey were the subject of a Netflix special called making a murderer. An appeals court has thrown out their convictions, as based on Brandon's 2005...


Hollywood Cab driver killed over a $24.75 cab fare

Just before 3 am Sunday morning, Ethiopian cab driver Asfawosen Alemseged picked up 3 passengers in downtown LA. One passenger got back into the cab. A fist fight erupted over whether the cab fare...

 By Liz Miller    Science    August 17, 2016

California Condors In Danger due to Soberanes Fire

A fire that began on August 31 with an illegal campfire is within eight miles of 3 nests with young California condor hatchlings. The months-old young are not yet able to fly and could not escape the...


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