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Articles from the July 29, 2016 edition

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  • Umm, were those Russian Naval Ships behind Hillary Clinton Tonight?

    Observer Staff|Jul 29, 2016

    Hillary Rodham Clinton took to the stage tonight after her daughter, Chelsea, the first ever female nominee of a major American political party. Surely an historic occasion. But an unusually careful Observer of the speech by a Four Star Admiral that preceded Mrs. Clinton, noticed that the background to the Admiral's speech, were 4 powerful Russian Naval Warship. Retired Admiral, top Navy lawyer, and Republican-turned-Democrat John Hutson spoke of the need for a strong defense, and how Hillary...

  • Wikileaked Emails from Democratic National Party, Raise the Ire of Atheist Movement

    Robyn Blumner, Center for Inquiry|Jul 29, 2016

    Atheism is, in its broadest sense, the absence of a belief in the existence of deities. This weekend, Wikileaks released e mails suggesting some at the top of the Democratic party, considered labelling Sen. Bernie Sanders an Atheist, in order to lessen his primary chances. Organized atheists reacted to this news story today, as follows: We found it appalling that anyone within the Democratic National Committee would casually suggest attacking a candidate...

  • Sand Fire has Burned 38,000 Acres, is 40% contained

    Observer Staff|Jul 29, 2016

    The Sand Fire north of Santa Clarita has burned 38,500 acres as of Wednesday Morning. But the fire is 40% contained, and firefighters believe they will have a handle on the fire by Friday, a week after it broke out. Most of the 3000 people evacuated by the fire have been allowed to return. 2 movie studios, one of them over 40 years old, were destroyed by the fire. One body was found in a car, though it isn't clear how that man died. Nearly 3,000 firefighters from a number of agencies, including...

  • Bernie Sanders Knocks the Convention Dead with speech attacking the 1%

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 29, 2016

    Senator Bernie Sanders walked out to address the convention looking like the Democratic nominee. The music playing was "We've all come to look for America" by Paul Simon. We all know the story. Starting out polling about 6%, the progressive Vermonter, who had been an independent most of his career, started the primary season polling around 6%. The white haired 72 year old ended the primary season in Santa Monica's Barker Hanger, with 1846 pledge delegates. He earned 70% of the youth vote and 43...

  • She Sang the High Notes for Audrey Hepburn, Deborah Kerr and Marilyn Monroe

    Jul 29, 2016

    Classically trained singer Marni Nixon has died at age 86. The singer's voice appeared, usually uncredited, in some of the biggest movie musicals of her era. She sang for Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, for Deborah Kerr in The King and I, and hit the high notes for Marilyn Monroe in "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend." She also "ghosted" nearly all of the singing for Natalie Wood in West Side Story. Nixon's agent confirmed on Sunday that she died of breast cancer. For much of her career, Nixon...

  • "A View of the World From the Santa Monica Pier" is a Local Tribute to Famous Cover

    Sabine Rose, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 29, 2016

    Sabine Rose wrote painted our cover art this week, "View of the World from the Santa Monica Pier," which is available free on newsstands throughout Santa Monica now. In it, a girl plays Pokemon Go on the Pier, as she looks out at Shutters on the Beach, Affordable housing in Santa Monica, and more distantly, New York, the Middle East, Tibet, China and Paris. We asked the artist why she painted "A View of the World from the Santa Monica Pier," Sabine said: Well I think that people’s perspective i...

  • The Walking Dead Meets World of Warcraft: Come Over To The Darkside of Comic Con

    April Gray, Observer Staff Writer

    If you think Star wars is the only fantasy franchise with a dark side think again. Having just returned from an exhausting five days at the con I was exposed to several, little talked about, quirks of the con. The producers of this event love random, or so they say, but so much of the random is not as it seems. For those of you who don't know, Comic-con is a 4 day convention of comics and pop culture. At 46 years old, it is the premier comic, science fiction and fantasy convention in the world....