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Articles from the June 18, 2016 edition

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  • Dangerous Chilean Recluse Spider Colonizes Los Angeles County

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 18, 2016

    Tucker was a macho Karate teacher, the kind of guy boys looked up to and wanted to be, especially when they found out what their dads really did for a living. And he was brought low, hospitalized by a brown recluse spider bite. Or so he thought. The truth is, it was probably a different member of the recluse family. Experts deny that the Brown Recluse spider, fairly common in Kansas and other southern plains states, exists at all in California. California does have Black Widow spiders, the most...

  • Drama Between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Ends in Restraining Order

    Kristin Peach, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 18, 2016

    Update, 6/17: Today, Amber Heard's hearing on a permanent restraining order against soon to be ex hubby Johnny Depp, was continued to next week. Amber Heard appeared gaunt in Los Angeles Superior court. Word is she has lost 20 pounds, and filming of The Avengers III was postponed because the actress can't fill out her costumes. Poor Amber! Oh how the astonishingly attractive have fallen. Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp in May, saying that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor had...

  • Gay Nightclub Shooter's Ex Wife says FBI Instructed Her Not to Tell Media He Was Gay

    Observer Staff|Jun 18, 2016

    The FBI instructed the former wife of the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, Sitora Yusufiy, not to speak of his homosexuality or the fact that she, his family and others believed he was gay, Yusufiy's current fiance, Marco Dias, told a Brazilian TV channel in an interview. Dias told the Brazilian television station SBT Brazil Tuesday that Yusufiy believed Mateen was gay and that his father called him gay several times in front of her. However, "the FBI asked her not to tell this to the American media...

  • Kevin Loibl Shot & Killed Christina Grimmie Because She Was A Christian

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 18, 2016

    It is difficult to find motive in the insane ravings of a madman like Kevin James Loibl. But it has become increasingly apparent to police from an examination of Loibl's cell phone and computer records, that singer Christina Grimmie was murdered because of her outspoken Christian faith. Loibl, 27, traveled from St. Petersburg to Orlando, a distance of some 107 miles, with the specific intent to kill the contestant from NBC's 'The Voice,' said police, adding that Grimmie and Loibl did not know...

  • DIY Darling HOW2GIRL Courtney Sixx Unveils Her New Studio For Her Upcoming Series.

    Christine Peake, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 18, 2016

    DIY darling HOW2GIRL Courtney Sixx proudly gives first time sneak peak to her stunning studio which she created, designed and literally built on the grounds of her home which she shares with rock legend Nikki Sixx formerly of iconic Motley Crue and now on tour with his new chart topping rock band, Sixx:a.m. When not modelling for major magazines, busy raising funds for the cancer charity or walking red carpets at leading Hollywood A list events, Courtney truly is a hands DIY...