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 By David Ganezer    News    August 24, 2022

Missing Teen Kiely Rodni's Honda SUV Discovered in 14 Feet of Water in Sausalito's Lake Placer

A private dive group says they have discovered the body of Kiely Rodni in 14 feet of water. The 16 year old has been missing since she sent her mom a text that she was leaving a graduation party near...


Wife Cannot Claim Spousal Social Security Benefit Before Claiming Her Own

Ask Rusty – Can My Wife Claim a Spouse Benefit First? Dear Rusty: I have been getting Social Security since age 66. My wife turned 62 in June. We are thinking of taking her spouse benefits on my rec...


Purveyors of "Critical" Ethnic Studies Seek to Indoctrinate New K-12 Teachers After Failing to Get State to Incorporate Their Antisemitic Doctrine in Curriculum

August 17, 2022 - Having failed in their attempt to make Ethnic Studies a high school requirement for admission to a University of California campus, proponents of "critical" ethnic studies are...

 By Marc Ang    Opinion    August 24, 2022

Republican Consultants Fail To Recall Gascon Again... Equally Dangerous To Victims Than Gascon Himself

I take no joy in writing this piece, but feel it must be done for the good of political cause everywhere in California. Before going any further though, it must be stressed that he countless hours of...


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