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Articles from the September 30, 2020 edition

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  • Liveblogging the Debate: Challenger Joe Biden v. President Donald J. Trump

    Observer Staff Writer|Sep 30, 2020

    Moderator Christ Wallace: Good evening from the Case Western Reserve University, for the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. 2 minute answer to each question, then open discussion. I can assure you, no one has the answers in advance. The candidates will not change hands, the audience has promised to remain silent. We welcome the Republican and Decmocratic nominees. "How you doing man?" asks Biden. Gentlemen, our first subject is the Supreme Court. Pres. T, you nominated Amy Coney...

  • Local Synagogues Conduct Zoom High Holiday Services on Yom Kippur

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 30, 2020

    Congregation Kehillat Ma'arav synagogue in Santa Monica conducted Yom Kippur services Sunday night, as it does every year on the Jewish day of Atonement. The holiest day of the Jewish Year began at Sunset as always, but this year, the service was virtual, and the congregation watched through a Zoom link. "Dear God source of strength grant us a more confident path. When your presence seems hidden, help us to hold fast to your accomplishments. When faith is weak, let love prevail. Speak to us...

  • SMPD Arrests Two Suspects for George Floyd Looting of REI Store

    Observer Staff Writer|Sep 30, 2020

    The Santa Monica Police Department has announced the arrest of two suspects in the looting of the REI store in downtown Santa Monica, following the George Floyd riots. SMPD was heavily criticized for failure to prevent looting the evening of May 31, 2020 in downtown Santa Monica. Police chief Cynthia Renaud has replied that she had about 100 officers on duty that evening, and half of them were assigned to prevent the destruction of the Santa Monica pier, perhaps by fire. The official press...

  • New York Times Drops a Bomb On the President. No One Cares

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 30, 2020

    Two days before President Donald Trump is scheduled to debate Democratic Presidential candidate and former VP Joseph Biden; the New York Times dropped a "bombshell" report on Trump taxes. Claiming to have examined secondary documents related to his tax returns, though not the returns themselves; the Times reports that Trump paid no taxes for 10 of the 15 years prior to 2017. "In some years, he paid as little as $750," reports the Times, attributing this to the fact that Trump had about $400...

  • "Anti-Semitic," Some Call an Advertisement Opposing Miramar Expansion Project and Depicting Michael Dell

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 30, 2020

    Former Santa Monica Mayor Denny Zane has sent an email deploring a "Racist and Anti-semitic" ad that was distributed with the Santa Monica Daily Press. "Santa Monicans for Renters' Rights deplores the offensive advertisement opposing the proposed Miramar Hotel project circulated as an insert in the Santa Monica Daily Press. There is no place in our community's public dialogue for racism or anti-semitism in any form. We urge all of those participating in our community debate to refrain from such...

  • Target on 16th and Wilshire set to open October 25th

    Observer Staff|Sep 30, 2020

    According to a sign on the door the former location of Staple's office supplies, will soon reopen as a Target city store. This is also reflected on the Upcoming Stores page. The store, located at 16th Street and Wilshire near the Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, will be smaller than most Targets, but still one of the largest retail stores located on pricey Westside real estate. It will be a "CityTarget." As of 2019, Target operated 1,844 stores throughout the United States. The...

  • BLM doesn't want you to know what they stand for - or what they do with your donation

    Corva Corvax, A Logical Opinion|Sep 30, 2020

    The Black Lives Matter organization (not to be confused with the idea that black lives matter) recently removed a page from their website that outlined the beliefs of the group. The page, titled "What We Believe," set forth a number of Marxist and radical LGBTQ tenets that could hardly be deemed relevant to their generally perceived goal of combating racism and uplifting the black community. "We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans f...