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Articles from the October 26, 2023 edition

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  • Israel Backs Down: IDF Ground Invasion of Gaza to Remove Hamas is No Longer Imminent or Likely

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 26, 2023

    For those waiting for the show, you're about to be disappointed. US President Joseph R. Biden, in his trip to appears to have convinced Benjamin Netanyahu, to punt. No Gaza invasion despite the buildup of tanks and troops. "Let's be clear: President Biden and his administration are the only things holding Netanyahu back from absolutely leveling Gaza," said one armchair analyst on Twitter. "While Biden has rightly stood firm with Israel, he has also called for restraint, reflection, and everyone...

  • Cornell History Professor Who felt "Exhilarated" After Hamas Murdered 1400 Jews, on Leave of Absence

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 26, 2023

    Update 10.25.23: "Professor Russell Rickford has requested and received approval to take a leave of absence from the university," a Cornell spokesperson told Fox News Digital. Rickford taught African American history. Video has emerged on social media of a Cornell university professor approving of Hamas' October 7th murder of 1400 Israelis. "I was exhilarated!" Professor Russell Rickford of @Cornell called Hamas terrorist attacks "exhilarating" and “energizing”. Social media has experienced a b...

  • The Daily Santa Monica Crime and Drug Video - October 26, 2023

    Alyssa Erdley, Observer Staff|Oct 26, 2023

    Santa Monica's City Council thinks the city is just fine. One councilmember called the homeless residents and neighbors, their wants and desires equivalent to those of people who pay rent and pay taxes. The 'freedom' of some, most of whom suffer from drug addiction and mental illness, to live in filth, disease and to commit crimes with impunity, is valued over the ability of the rest of society to live healthy lives in law and order. Watch the videos shot and distributed by the Santa Monica...

  • The Election of Mayors and City Councils who side with criminals, homeless, outsiders, unions, over taxpayers is Killing California

    Houman Hemmatti MD PhD, Special to the Observer|Oct 26, 2023

    Steve Hilton wonders how California has gone so far in the wrong direction. "California has gone from the pinnacle of the American Dream to the place that everyone can't wait to leave. How did that happen in a matter of decades?" he writes. Here's my brief take: 1. Election of Newsom, an empty shell of a handsome spokesman, who turned California into a piggy bank and playground for the special interests who own/control him (see below). 2. Election of Soros-backed DAs (Gascon, Boudin, others)...

  • Town Hall Organized by Santa Monica Coalition Promises to Provide the Real Scoop on Crime and Public Safety- POSTPONED

    Observer Staff

    UPDATE: POSTPONED The Santa Monica Coalition has organized a Safety Town Hall. Come join us: Thursday, October 26, 6:30PM - 8:30PM Listen to our panelists, experts in their fields, discuss the current public safety challenges in Santa Monica as well as offer their solutions on how we can make Santa Monica safe again. We look forward to seeing you at the Town Hall. Please share this flyer with your neighbors and friends. Everyone is welcome....

  • Rand Conference on Homelessness is Clueless About the Reality on the Streets of Santa Monica

    Arthur Jeon, Letter to the Editor and City Council|Oct 26, 2023

    Dear Council, This article reporting on the Rand conference on "homelessness" is revealing. Round-and-round we go, as criminals prey on us, threaten us when we step out to walk the dogs, trespass, and senselessly steal anything and everything (below, this addict, holding either a weapon or a butane lighter for his drugs, steals our dog's ball in broad daylight. Why, my dog Bonnie asks? Because he's here. Sorry, Bonnie!). Not as bad as breaking into our garage and stealing electric bikes (not...

  • In Maine, 18 confirmed Dead, 50 Injured After Active Shooter Robert Card Strikes Multiple Locations

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 26, 2023

    Update 713 am PST 10.26: The massive search for 40-year-old Robert R. Card II of Bowdoin involves more than 350 police and continues into Thursday afternoon, after he was named the lone suspect in mass shootings in Lewiston that killed 18 people and injured 13 more.—Bangor Daily News 13 people have now been confirmed to be injured with 18 confirmed dead. Numbers are likely to rise as the suspect is still at large. The suspect, Robert Card, had been a National Guard gun instructor. This before h...