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Articles from the December 26, 2018 edition

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  • Law Limiting medium-term Rentals: The Latest Battle in Santa Monica's War on AirBNB

    Alyssa Erdley, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 26, 2018

    In an effort to preserve true, rent-controlled housing, the Santa Monica City Council directed staff on Tuesday, December 18, to draft a law that would restrict the ability to sublet units to corporations or for periods less than a year. Currently, Santa Monica only allows AirBnB-type rentals if the owner of the unit is present during the visitor's stay and only for visits of less than 31 days. To date, the city has no legislation that bars tenants from subletting units for more than 31 days. Ho...

  • In the Face of E-Commerce, Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade Struggles to Remain Relevant

    Alyssa Erdley, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 26, 2018

    While the exponential growth of e-commerce is shuttering storefronts across the nation, Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.(DTSM), the nonprofit organization that promotes Downtown Santa Monica, is determined to preserve the popularity of the Third Street Promenade. Thirty years ago, the brick-paved carless three blocks of stores and restaurants now known as the Third Street Promenade was a makeover itself. For decades before that, there had already been a pedestrian 'street' dotted with fountains and...

  • Video: Watch as a Tsunami wipes out a Concert Stage on an Indonesian Beach

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 26, 2018

    As a local pop band concludes a set, a wave lifts them into the audience, killing most of the band members and 222 others. While the Tsunami was only 4 feet high at the beach, it was enough to drag the band, its equipment and audience inland several hundred yards. The Tsunami occurred on Saturday night, and is believed to have been caused when a landslide, either underwater or above water, from the steep slopes of Mount Krakatau, slipped into the seas in the Sunda Straight near Borneo. It was...

  • Facebook Bans Any Mention of Sex, including erotic art, sexual slang, or even Vague Suggestive Statements

    Tony Lee, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 26, 2018

    Friends don't let other friends have sex, apparently. In the wake of declining values of its stock and criticisms of its true worthiness as a waste of time, has now specifically banned "sexual slang" as well as any hint of "sexual roles, positions or fetish scenarios". Don't be visiting the world's most popular website if you are "looking for a good time tonight," because precisely that phrase will get you banned, reports the UK Sun.