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By Stan Greene
Observer Staff Writer 

As Buena Park Fire Dept Arrived, Man Pointed a Rifle at Them Provoking Massive Police Response

A SWAT Standoff and a Fire at the same time seemed connected.


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Update, Monday morning: The suspect, later identified by as Edgar Salazar, finally surrendered. He was taken into custody around 1:30 a.m. Monday, Buena Park police said. The search then ended.

Firemen rushed to the 7700 block of 11th Street and Stanton Avenue just at 5:30 PM Sunday, as the Buena Park Fire Department fought a fire in a detached garage. Officials confirmed that one burn victim, a civilian man, is at UCI Medical Center with third degree burns. They have not confirmed that the fire involved honey oil production.

A witness’s video showed flames and and a plume of thick black smoke emanating from the residence. It was unclear what caused the fire.

A SWAT team was summoned after an individual was seen with a rifle, Buena Park police said in a statement. They said neighbors came to the firemen and told them a man was on a roof down the street, with a rifle.

At 11 PM, Police were still conducting a house to house search for the suspect. Officers from neighboring agencies began arriving to assist, including the police departments of Huntington Beach, La Habra and Anaheim, and the sheriff’s departments of Orange and Los Angeles counties. The response became massive.

Buena Park police said the man with the rifle was spotted near the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Orangethorpe Avenue, less than half a mile south of the fire.

Police advised nearby residents to remain locked inside their homes, and those outside the area to stay away.

"We are currently working a situation where individuals are reportedly in possession of firearms," the department advised local residents. "Stay inside, keep your doors and windows locked, and we will update you as the situation develops."

"Cops are roaming all over my neighborhood and in Buena Park advising everyone to stay in and keep our doors and windows locked," tweeted one local resident, Kea Lorraine, at 6:54 PM.

"Honey oil" is a street term for a waxy Marijuana distillate. Weed is more or less legal, and butane is certainly legal. Butane can be found in most cigarette lighters. But weed and butane combined, in unlicensed use by amateur manufacturing personnel, have in the past proven an explosive combination on many occasions.

Inebriated people and manufacturing are never a good mix. In fact, it's a rare month when either a meth lab or a honey oil lab, doesn't explode somewhere in California.

In Kern County, several people were killed in 2015 when a "honey oil" manufacturing facility exploded in a residential neighborhood. Law enforcement have expressed increasing concern about honey oil.

From Twitter

In April of 2015, A man died more than a week after a honey oil lab explosion in Redding, CA. The lab was located in a detached garage.

12 days ago, a trailer fire in Truckee led to the discovery of a suspected butane honey oil lab, along with an assault rifle, a sawed-off shotgun and other weapons.

An explosion at a honey oil lab in Beaumont last month led to 2 injuries and arrests.

Hash oil is an oleoresin obtained by the extraction of marijuana and/or hashish.


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