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#callseanhannity is a Twitter hit!

Donald Trump's desperate debate plea brings out America's un-truths


October 1, 2016

Call Sean Hannity for your personal verification services.

Thanks to his good friend Trump, FOX television host Sean Hannity seems to have found a new job: verifying America's fibbery.

"I once ate a bear while flying an F16 nude. Don't believe me? #callseanhannity" (@nathanchurch74)

During Monday night's presidential debate, the Donald had several brushes with the truth, as usual, but he seemed particularly determined to argue away a 2002 recording in which radio host Howard Stern asks if he supports invading Iraq, and Trump replies "Yeah I guess so."

As debate moderator Lester Holt tried to move on to another topic, Trump kept insisting that he had never supported the invasion.

Like a high school student trying to convince his parents that he was at the library instead of at the big party, Trump invoked the time-honored best friend excuse:

"Call Sean Hannity, " Trump said, saying the two of them had shared several conversations about the war.

"Did he just ask to phone a friend? #callseanhannity It's #debatenight not millionaire ..." (@PandaFreeWit)

"Nobody wants to call him," Trump whined, "Nobody calls Sean Hannity."

Aww. Poor lonely Sean. #callseanhannity appeared almost instantly.

Some kind souls were willing to give him a ring even if they didn't need his verification services.

A twitter user calling himself Sad Sean Hannity tweeted "I'm trending on #Twitter, but does anyone call? #CallSeanHannity" (@SadSeanHannity)

If Twitter comments are any indication, Sean's phone should be ringing now!

Here are some of the other calls that he can be expecting over the next few days:

"Babe I don't know why she said she was with me, I was at work until midnight. Don't believe me? #CallSeanHannity" (@ScotchandFodder)

"I didn't eat the last cookie, I swear. Hannity can vouch for me. #callseanhannity" (@JayShef)

Sean is hoping that you will call.

"I predicted @realDonaldTrump's political rise back in 2011. Don't believe me? #callseanhannity" (@GaryForman)

"I didn't drink the rest of your beer #CallSeanHannity" (@TexTheBrit)

"I wasn't speeding officer! Don't believe me? #CallSeanHannity (@defensivethird)

"I have made love to 9,000 women. Don't believe me? #callseanhannity" (@nathanchurch74)

"When there's something weird and it don't look good! Who you gonna call? @seanhannity !#callseanhannity" (@FabricaRecords)


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