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In Boston and Miami, Dentists Fired For Tearing Down Posters of Jews Taken Prisoner by Hamas

After video posted to social media showed Zena Al Adeeb ripping down posters of missing Israelis kidnapped by Hamas, she was condemned for anti semitism on social media.

In unrelated incidents, dentists in Miami and in Boston have been fired for tearing down posters of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza.

Dr. Zena Al Adeeb, Endodontist has been relieved of her position at a dental office in Brookline MA. This after video circulated on social media of the dentist tearing down the posters of missing Israelis who have been kidnapped by Hamas, the terror organization that runs the Gaza Strip.

After video posted to social media showed Zena Al Adeeb ripping down posters of missing Israelis kidnapped by Hamas, she was condemned for anti semitism on social media. Video of her tearing down posters may be seen at:

"One more pic of the #face of this terrorist supporter #ZenaAlAdeeb . Be careful when you go to a dentist, especially an endodontist, if you're in MA." tweeted Steve Davis.

Reportedly, a dentist in Florida also lost his job after ripping down similar posters. "Miami dentist Ahmed Elkoussa has been fired after he unknowingly went viral for ripping down posters of kidnapped Israelis," tweeted Colin Rugg. "The incident happened on Tuesday & by Wednesday he was fired from his job. In a blistering statement, CG Smile blasted Elkoussa for being a terrorist supporter. "We are very sad to see this situation upon waking up. Our office CG Smile is not in favor of any of the actions taken by Dr. Elkoussa. We do not support terrorist groups, actions or supporters."

"He has been removed from our staff, all of our social media pages and groups. CG Smile DOES NOT support terrorist groups actions or supporters."

Elkoussa later said that he had asked a Miami policeman if he and a friend could tear down the hostage posters. "If they make you feel unsafe, you may," he claims he was told.

The winner of this year's bad career move of the year award, will no doubt be a professor or other professional who supports Hamas in Gaza. This after they burned alive, tortured, killed and otherwise dismembered 1400 Jews in Southern Israel on October 7th.

Marc L Nevins, DMD posted the following statement on his dental practice's website:

"Acts of terror against the State of Israel and innocent people must be condemned. Acts of antisemitism, racism, and bigotry that assault members of our community based on their heritage or beliefs cannot be tolerated and must equally be condemned. No healthcare service institution or clinical practice should permit activities that by word or deed create the deep hurt that threatens our community and our healing."

"It has come to our attention that a clinician working as an adjunct member of our clinical practice has been accused of taking actions that are contrary to our community standards and to the basic values of my clinical practice. After having reviewed the facts and circumstances, the individual no longer works with our practice effective October 21, 2023."

"These are profoundly troubling times causing neighbors to question neighbors and impacted communities to scream for justice. Our health care center will not employ anyone who has been found to further hate or discrimination. Our utmost concern is for the protection of our patients, our community and our employees."


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