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Thousands of Easter Celebrations Halted by Ortega Regime; Nicaraguan Journalist Detained for Covering an Easter Parade;

Former Bolivian President Calls for Armed Militias;

Argentina formally announced its return to Unasur. "By instruction of President Alberto Fernández and with the aim of continuing the participation of our country as a member state of Unasur, a new Instrument of Ratification will be sent as soon as possible," says the text, dated April 5. Source:

The head of the US Southern Command, Laura Richardson, will visit Argentina again

Almost a year after her last visit to the country, the head of the United States Southern Command, General Laura Jane Richardson, will return to Argentina this coming weekend. She will meet on Monday, April 17, with the Minister of Defense, Jorge Taiana, and possibly she will also hold meetings with other officials of the government of Alberto Fernández and with representatives of the Armed Forces....Read more >>


Bolivia Evo Morales calls for the organization of "armed militias" in the Cochabamba Tropics region

Former Bolivian president and leader of the ruling Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS), Evo Morales, has denounced the presence of "foreigners" in the Cochabamba Tropics region and has warned that they could organize armed self-defense groups such as the Peruvian "ronderos"....Read more >>


Financial market: Sovereign bonds are devalued at their lowest level in six years, according to Bloomberg

Bolivia's sovereign bonds are still in free fall. According to the latest Bloomberg report, today they closed at 49.5 cents, less than half since they entered the New York financial market....Read more >>


Bolivian journalists under threat due to two laws that the Arce government intends to approve

As is the case in Russia, Cuba or Venezuela, Bolivian journalists are now facing the possibility of being sent to jail if they disseminate messages that worry the population, according to two laws that the government of Luis Arce has sent to parliament....Read more >>


Interamerican Institute for Democracy

The Bolivian economy beyond marketing, narratives and lies

Guest Columnist | Hugo Marcelo Balderrama

The crisis of the Bolivian economy is already an undeniable reality, even the government removed its publicity about its "successes" and "achievements" from circulation. The official narrative has now turned to blaming the problems on Ukraine, Russia and, believe it or not, the economists who are critical of his management....Read more >>


Castro and Chávez, transnational criminals

Guest Columnist | Pedro Corzo

Castro and Díaz Canel, Chávez and Maduro, are logical genres of ideological and political proposals that throughout history have resulted in failures, not only because of their intrinsic evil and ignorance of the human condition, in addition to the fact that their implementation requires social control. that violates the most basic rights of people....Read more >>


Politics, art and sport

Guest Columnist | Pedro Corzo

They are three independent activities, but when the arts and sports, like any discipline, are developed under dictatorial management, even worse, totalitarian, as is the Cuban state, management, individual or collective, is subject to the will of the government....Read more >>


Organized Crime and dictatorships in Argentina

Guest Columnist | Hugo Macchiavelli

Argentina is experiencing a double challenge in 2023: an electoral year to celebrate the forty years of our young democracy that, still fragile, allows us to participate in change. As long as we do not forget that there is always a latent risk of a dictatorship, different from that of the seventies. ...Read more >>



The regime of Daniel Ortega launched a battle against the universities, a symbol of the 2018 protests

The Nicaraguan regime, led by dictator Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo, has waged a battle not only against activists, religious and political opponents, but also against universities, considered a symbol of the 2018 protests....Read more >>


The Ortega regime takes a stand against the free press

The Daniel Ortega regime has made at least 185 journalists leave Nicaragua since the repression took hold in the country, starting in 2018. The organization Voces del Sur made it known this Monday in a report in which it is given account of the onslaught of the Sandinista dictatorship against the press in the Central American nation....Read more >>


A Nicaraguan journalist was detained by the Daniel Ortega regime for covering an Easter procession

The Nicaraguan journalist Víctor Ticay, a collaborator of Channel 10 of the local television, was arrested this Thursday for covering a religious procession in the municipality of Nandaime (southwest), according to the Alertas Libertad de Prensa Nicaragua platform....Read more >>


The regime of Daniel Ortega prohibited 3,176 Holy Week processions in Nicaragua and imprisoned the rebels

Nicaragua experienced a "scandalous and unprecedented" Holy Week this year, according to priest Edwin Román, as a result of the ban on religious traditions that the Daniel Ortega regime imposed this time, and the repression that it carried out against those who dared to defy it...Read more >>



Cuba, we want to see you freed from the perpetual Way of the Cross

Is it the land that our José Martí dreamed of? Or perhaps the land of our founding fathers: Antonio Maceo, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Ignacio Agramonte, Don.José de la Luz y Caballero, the Pbro. Félix Varela among other great illustrious sons of the Cuban Nation?...Read more >>



Hezbollah and Evo Morales seek to divide Peru

A key link in the relationship between Iran, the terrorist group and the former Bolivian president, declared 'persona non grata' in our country, reveals a sinister plan....Read more >>


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