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Did Prince Leave a Love Child, Possibly with Cat Glover? Rumors Swirl on Fan Sites

Internet Rumor on Youtube; Singer Cat Glover Denies Twice that She and Prince Were Ever Involved


October 19, 2016

Prince with Catherine ("Cat") Glover in the 1980's

When Prince Rogers Nelson died on April 21, 2016, he left, in legal terms "no living issue." That's what they tell us, but any dynasty needs an heir. So the latest candidate is a 24 year old singer named Jordan Capriccio. From

"There has been much media speculation about potential children that Prince might have fathered. Much of it centers around Capriccio Caesar, a young (23 or 24-year-old) singer who many consider Prince's spitting image. His birth name is reportedly Jordan Nelson. By some accounts, Cat Glover is his birth mother. Also, Cat definitely has a 19-20-year-old green-eyed daughter who looks remarkably like Prince. Is it possible that the two actually produced one or more offspring?"

On his Facebook Page, Capriccio Caesar lauded Prince in a post on the day the singer died; but said that he himself is "nothing more than a fan" of Prince's. He also posted a photo of his mother, Evelyn J. Nelson. Yep. Prince's last name. Capriccio Caesar himself is an aspiring singer, and no doubt the attention from Prince fans isn't hurting him any. But he has not exploited it.

Glover, the sister of Danny Glover, herself poured cold water all over the rumor. Yes, she and Prince recorded together professionally. But Glover has denied publicly twice that the two were ever involved. "I don't mix business with pleasure," says Glover.

For fans, the mystery deepened when Glover posted August 27th, on her official Facebook page: "Ok guys. !!! Listen up special request to all of you out there. I'm looking for all pictures,videos interviews clippings etc from my time with Prince. There's a special project coming up and we want YOUR help. !!!! Everything must be sent to my business manager .... Thanks guys.!!! Xxoxox I 💋💋"

Hayley said the BBC was working on a special about Prince and requested the footage.

On September 28th, Cat Glover posted the following on her official Facebook page: To Whom it may concern re : Paisley Park... Please do not use my image I.e Photographs etc without my written permission!!! ...or the re-release of Sign O The Times without my permission or consent!!! Prince didnt leave a will! Blink blink! So that means do not use me for anything you may be promoting or selling!!! without my consent

As far as the vault is concerned my music is in there that I wrote and recorded with Prince ....again is not to be used with out my written consent or permission . . . . I will not be apart of this circus.

Thank you !!! Cat Glover.

It's not entirely clear to us at this time, exactly what circus she was referring to. Some of the fans referenced tributes left on the fence at Paisley Park, linking Prince and Glover romantically.

From Wikipedia: "Cat is perhaps best known for her work with Prince in the late 1980s. She choreographed and appeared in several of his videos and his concert film Sign o' the Times, traveled with him as a backing vocalist and dancer on the Sign o' the Times Tour and Lovesexy Tour, and rapped on both The Black Album track "Cindy C." and the Lovesexy song "Alphabet St."."

Prince died without a will and with an Estate worth perhaps $200 million. His closest known relative was one full sister, and several half siblings. He did get married, twice. On Valentine's Day in 1996, dancer Mayte Garcia, then 22, married Prince, then 37, in Minneapolis.

Two months later, Garcia discovered she was pregnant. The child, Ahmir (listed as "Boy Gregory" on intake records) was born on 16 October 1996, and died a week later due to Pfeiffer syndrome, which is rare skull defect. Mayte checked into the hospital under the alias "Mia Gregory" to maintain privacy. Intake records listed her child, then officially unnamed at the time, as "Boy" to reflect sex, with the given surname of Gregory, which reflected Mayte's alias. She revealed at a Los Angeles memorial for Prince, that she and the singer gave the child the name Ahmir, meaning "prince" in Arabic. In a later interview, Garcia stated that she and Prince also lost a pregnancy early on to a miscarriage. In 1998, Prince announced the couple's divorce, eventually filing an annulment June 2000.

Caesar is from Latin for "King" or Emperor (Russian "Tzar" is a derivative of Caesar). But Caesar Capriccio appears to be merely Jordan Nelson's stage name.

Prince with Cat Glover in the 1980's


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