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Celebrity Fitness Trainer Charlene Ciardiello Works Out With Actress Erin Gavin For Her Next Movie Role.

Erin - age 31, is getting into the best shape of her life!

Usually known for her dramatic recent theatre roles in 'Marilyn My Secret' and 'Marilyn & Sinatra', actress Erin Gavin has been playing Marilyn Monroe for two years taking the critically acclaimed 'Marilyn & Sinatra' from Los Angeles to New York and even returning to her roots in Scotland.

The play which was written, directed and produced by Erin's dear friend, the talented Sandro Monetti, played to sold out playhouses world wide. Now Erin is returning to the silver screen in a quirky comedic role playing a character called Pineapple in 'Destroy X Fires' shooting in Los Angeles. Erin was referred the role by fellow thespian and friend Kristen Dalton who also produced the project with Robert Davis, it is directed by Mike Sanchez.

In order to prepare and get into shape for the comedic role Erin is now rigorously training a few times a week with the Westside's #1 trainer and nutritionalist, Carlene Ciardiello, founder of 'Shut Up And Move'.

Erin has to wear tiny skimpy fun outfits in the upcoming comedy so she knew she had to buckle down and get into her best shape. "I knew that Charlene is the best at getting the results in very little time! She may be a pretty blonde girl with dimples, but do not be mistaken, she is tough, smart and believes in what she does. I already feel better after two weeks with her I can see results also."

Erin has also been told to get a California tan and be rid of her Marilyn Monroe white skin. Originating from Scotland, Erin has sensitive pale skin and takes seriously the perils of skin cancer. "I always use sunscreen" she said, " I do have a wee secret though that I am going to let you in on, myself and my friends have all discovered the best product ever called Fake Bake. It gives that healthy glow without the danger of sun exposure. I swear by it. It's easy and safe to get a lovely tan. I wish it was that easy working out." She laughed.

Fitness guru and health nutritionist Charlene not only works Erin out with exercise she provide an eating program that is easy to follow and ensures you have all the correct nutrients.

Said Charlene, "I specialize in a certain functional training weight loss and corrective exercise, basically training clients from the inside out.

I advocate a holistic approach that starts from within to identify one's inner obstacles, fears and self doubt. I inspire people to be confident, strong and to embrace their identity.

Training isn't just about losing a few pounds but building a strong mental foundation and a balanced lifestyle. Everyone's body is different. I assess a client's muscle imbalance and customize a fitness program for their body type and goals. I focus on correcting muscle imbalance by lengthening and strengthening the tight and weak muscles in order to have a balanced body, this keeps everyone injury and pain free. Even though my focus is muscle imbalance I keep my clients moving throughout my sessions to keep the heart rate up and my workouts fun!

I love my job, I am strict but we always have a laugh and keep it positive. "

The two certainly look like a perfect match to get Erin the results she needs and to give Charlene the satisfaction of knowing as always, a job well done. It doesn't get any better than that.

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