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A Pretty Girl In Prison: A Story Of Honey Attracting Flies

I know my best days are ahead of me

Look at me at age 20! Then now! I guess I still got it?? I keep attracting the wrong kind of men!! All they talk about is my picture! "THAT PICTURE!" they keep saying. I guess it's my fault for sharing my bikini photo to begin with? My son's father tore up all of my other pictures!! So, I was left with few choices. I broke up with him while awaiting trial. As a result, he did this and other things to me. I'm the type of person who usually says exactly how I feel. That's always been me. It cost me a lot in the past. I've learned.

My looks are only a side dish to my talent and my bomb personality. I like my physical appearance. I'm not ugly. I want to be KNOWN and respected and recognized for my TALENTS!! My poetry!! My painting!! My writing!! My business sense!! My strength of mind!! My almost unreal FAST SPEED of learning ability!! My amateur-expert political analysis and commentary. My amateur comical wit!! My one-on-one motivational life coaching skills!!

Of all my skills, I'd love to be a motivational life coach!! I love mentoring and watching people bloom and blossom!! It's such a good feeling. Plus, whenever I speak, those listening to me feel immediately motivated to get up and start pursuing something. So, I have that ability. After all, I held my head high while I was humiliated on local TV news as my own family gave news interviews and testified against me!! Even as I got a life sentence and faced all of this ALONE. I did not even have Jesus back then!! I found God in 2008.

Through all these trials, I NEVER had suicidal thoughts!! Even when I thought I'd never feel JOY the rest of my life!! I PERSEVERED!! I've never had the idea that giving up was an OPTION!! I've battled depression since childhood!! But I've always believed my best days were ahead!! I KNOW MY BEST DAYS ARE AHEAD OF ME TODAY!! Los Angeles and Hollywood are the land of opportunities!! I'm headed to a town torn down by Covid-19 policies!! All you need is a good idea and a strong will!! That means I can get in on the ground floor and help rebuild a city!! And make my mark!! Fresh out of PRISON with a DEGREE IN BUSINESS?? Ready to get my hands dirty and learn the rest hands-on!

Anyway, don't let the pretty face fool you. I don't blame you for being attracted to my photo. But it's my dynamic personality and authentic grit that will keep you coming back for more. Like many before you, once you see what's packed under the hood, you'll wonder how I got all of it into this cute little package...


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