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Leftwing Activist Brian Dowling, 18, Arrested for Murder of Leftwing Activist Ryan Carson on Friday in NYC

Dowling, who works at a school, has been apprehended in Brooklyn over the street stabbing murder of Antifa activist Ryan Carson

Legacy media probably won't cover it. But the guy who stabbed Ryan Carson, 32 to death in New York City early Saturday morning, has been arrested. Like his victim, he has a history of BLM/Anti police rhetoric.

"An 18-year-old black male named Brian Dowling who works at a school has been apprehended in Brooklyn over the street stabbing murder of Antifa activist Ryan Carson. Meanwhile, Carson’s BLM-activist girlfriend is the beneficiary of a large Gofundme campaign."Reliable journalist Andy Ngo tweeted 10/5/23.

"Some local media captured the moment when the Brooklyn murder suspect of antifa activist Ryan Carson was arrested by the NYPD. CBS New York censored Brian Dowling's face.” tweeted Ngo.

"Neither Carson's BLM-activist girlfriend Claudia Morales nor the police have addressed rumors that she was uncooperative in the early investigation. Originally, law enforcement sources told media the police did not have a physical description of the "person" (no gender) who stabbed Carson.

"For unknown reasons, CBS blurred the suspects face," wrote Charlie Kirk. "CBS blurs out the face of the black man who allegedly murdered leftwing activist and "poet" Ryan Carson with a knife in New York City. Ask yourself: Would CBS blur the assailant's face if he were white?

"This story just keeps getting worse,” tweeted TravisBoyd. "Today police arrested Brian Dowling as the suspect in the attack on activist Ryan Carson. Brian is only 18 and has had trouble before with assault and attacking his girlfriend. His own aunt told police he was mentally unstable."

"Even after multiple police calls, he was still allowed to remain free and works at a school with children. Unfortunately this is only the beginning in the disgusting saga."

"Ryan Carson, the victim, is having his legacy absolutely destroyed by those around him. His girlfriend refused to give police a proper description of the attacker because she didn’t want to stereotype. His friends are running GoFundMe campaigns to take time off work and “grieve.” Woke is the absolute worst mind virus we’ve ever witnessed as a society."


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