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  • Riots in Naples, Other Italian Cities Over New Covid-19 Lockdowns and Restrictions

    Amelia Fiore, Our Correspondent in Northern Italy|Oct 29, 2020

    In Italy, new restrictions started last week. By the weekend, we were seeing the same ol' game of getting stricter without much warning. People are not taking it well, though, this time around. The restrictions are unintelligent and only hit one part of the population, like restaurants, gyms, and small business owners and workers. People are also realizing that in the months after the first lockdown, the government did jack shit to get ready for the so-called second wave of infections. They...

  • Mike Garcia Defeats Christy Smith in district 25 election for US House of Representatives

    Amelia Fiore|May 16, 2020

    The Los Angeles county registrar of voters has released the following results as of 10 PM Pacific standard time, Tuesday night. The winner of the selection will only serve until January. Both candidates will face off again in November. This is a special election to fill the Congressional seat of Katie Hill, who resigned in some controversy over her plural marriage and an ex husband who posted embarrassing photos of the Democratic Congresswoman. The seat is in Santa Clarita and North East Los...

  • Good News: Water is Clean in Venice Canals, For the First Time in Memory. Northern Italy update

    Amelia Fiore, Our correspondent in N. Italy|Apr 1, 2020

    Here's a few updates about quarantine in Italy as promised. On Monday we'll be entering the fourth week of quarantine of the national lockdown and the sixth week for all students. Since the beginning of the ordinance we are allowed to leave the house for grocery, medical needs, work and walking the dog as close as possible to one's house. Breaking the ordinance has serious repercussions depending on the offense and it concerns individuals and business laws alike. If one intentionally leaves the...

  • All of Italy Now a "Red Zone," Quarantined Due to Coronavirus. What is life there really like?

    Amelia Fiore, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 15, 2020

    Update: all of Italy has now been declared a red zone, under quarantine due to the novel coronavirus. No public transportation, no going out at night, no work or school except from home. This from our source in Italy: Hi how are you? I am okay. It has been crazy here in Italy and Europe is starting to have lots of problems too, due to this outbreak. After a hammering and alarming Italian mass media cover that had its peak two weeks ago followed by a hysteria outbreak, (where people assaulted...