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Articles from the February 9, 2021 edition

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  • Super Bowl halftime show a little incomprehensible. Who's the Weeknd anyway?

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Feb 9, 2021

    The Weeknd's super weird, Superbowl half time show made no sense to anyone. The guys marching in masks was half Michael Jackon's Thriller, Half pandemic fears. It sucked as much as Bruce Springsteen's let's all get together ad, but we watched anyway because we had nothing better to do. Is anyone else has lost as I was? I turned on the TV to see some Canadian guy in a field full of people wearing masks in redcoats marching around the field. Completely not sure what it supposed to represent. To...

  • Santa Monica City Council Approves Combat Pay for Grocery Store Workers

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Feb 9, 2021

    The Santa Monica City Council voted to approve a temporary pay increase of $5 per hour for grocery and drug store employees in the city. A similar measure in Long Beach resulted in Kroger (parent company of Food-4-Less and Ralphs) closing two stores in less affluent parts of Long Beach. Sponsored by Kevin McKeown last week, the "Hero Pay" measure is similar to a temporary urgency ordinance that Los Angele County Supervisors approved on Jan. 26. It applies to unincorporated areas of Los Angeles...

  • Brigadier General Chuck Yeager left 'a legacy of strength, adventure, and patriotism'

    John Grimaldi, Association of Mature American Citizens|Feb 9, 2021

    Before there was a U.S. Space Force, there was a U.S. Air Force and before that there was the Army Air Corps and a genuine American hero by the name of Chuck Yeager. He passed away on December 7, Pearl Harbor Day, with not enough fanfare. Oh, there were news reports about his death at the age of 97, but not enough of a sendoff for someone who did what he did with his life. Perhaps it was because the COVID crisis was taking up so much of the media's time; or maybe it was because it's not in...

  • Unidentified Flying Object Seen from Southwest Airlines Plane Over Nebraska February 2, 2021

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Feb 9, 2021

    The best footage of a UFO taken from an airplane in several years was posted to Reddit and to Twitter on February 2, 2021. The footage may be seen here: In the footage, a woman points to a oblong object seemingly following the airplane about a kilometer away, off the starboard side. "oh wow it teleported huh that's pretty cool", she says. The object is seen to reverse direction and...