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Articles from the March 10, 2021 edition

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  • Only Two Mortalities from Covid-19 at California Institution for Women Prison

    Amber S. Jackson, Lucky Lifer|Mar 10, 2021

    After the many, many covid infections, only one staff and one prisoner from CIW died. That's it. The one staff person's death was a nurse. We prisoners were locked in our rooms so staff could leave the facility to attend. As always, prisoners pay for everything. The prison could have found a work around to keep women from being locked in. Whatever. Last night the nurses came with my and many other prisoners second covid shots. I declined just as I told you I would. No thank you. I'm too young...

  • Prison Canteen Manager is the Devil

    Amber S. Jackson, Lucky Lifer|Mar 10, 2021

    Our prison canteen manager is Spawn Of Satan!! No other way to put it. I pray for her as God commands me to do for all my emenies. She's nasty! She loves blocking prisoners from buying what they need for the WHOLE MONTH! Using technicalities to deny women buying basic necessities! Due to Covid, we only get to shop once per month at the prison canteen. This woman started working here maybe 3 years ago? She's had a non stopped list of complaints over simple, minor things that are unable to...

  • You Can Always Tell Who Will Make Parole, Claims Woman Prisoner at California Institution for Women

    Amber S. Jackson, Lucky Lifer|Mar 10, 2021

    I've noticed that many people have a totally unrealistic vision of daily prison operations. I had the same false idea of prison life. So don't feel bad! The prison correctional officers have little interaction with us on a regular basis, unless you have a specific job that involves working with officers. Some a**kissers stay in officers' faces all day long. One caught covid doing that. So, breakfast. I usually throw it away. I'll eat a banana or fruit. When the door pops open, you get a tray if...

  • City of Santa Monica Launches Online Resources to Support Local Job Seekers

    Jack Simon, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 10, 2021

    The City of Santa Monica has joined forced with local businesses to provide new online resources to local residents looking for employment and to assist with the local economic recovery. The city's website has added a "new job listing" and employment resource page, which will be updated bi-weekly, to highlight local job opportunities and to encourage employers to hire local residents, city officials. "The City of Santa Monica is committed to supporting a strong and sustainable economic recovery...

  • Settles Auto-Renewal Lawsuit filed by the California Automatic Renewal Task Force

    Mar 10, 2021

    PeopleConnect, owner of the social networking site, has settled a consumer protection lawsuit alleging the website did not properly inform its users regarding automatic subscription renewals, the Santa Monica City Attorney's Office announced last week. A final court judgment was entered last Monday by a San Diego judge that calls for PeopleConnect Inc, to pay to $550,000 to settle a consumer protection lawsuit filed by the California Automatic Renewal Task Force (CART). The task...

  • The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Offers an Oasis for Those Escaping LA Lockdowns

    Preity Uppala, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 10, 2021

    Some people find locked down LA oppressive. If you need an escape from Gov. Newsom's latest edicts, Las Vegas is a quick 4 or 5 hour drive up the 15 freeway. But what is LV like during the lockdowns? We found the Cosmopolitan full of life. At 3027 rooms, the Cosmopolitan is Las Vegas' largest resort and the 7th largest on the planet. To gain entry, you do have to wear a mask and keep it on while you're there. It is 2021, so you may expect the staff to test your forehead for fever each time you...

  • Robbery at Beverly Hills Restaurant Believed to be the latest in a String of Robberies by Three Suspects

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 10, 2021

    3/4/21: It was the latest in a string of brazen robberies. This one occurred in daylight hours in the heart of Beverly Hills. The crime occurred at Il Pastaio Restaurant on North Canon Drive. Three men approached a couple sitting outdoors and dining, in order to steal a Rolex watch from a man. He fought back, though, trying to grab the gun from the robbers. A no doubt brave, but dangerous move. The gun discharged, and a woman was shot in the leg. She was an uninvolved bystander, but ended the...

  • Male Escort Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison for Underreporting Income

    Jack Simon, Observer Staff Writer|Mar 10, 2021

    They pay for every dance, selling each romance.....A male escort who has clients across the United States was sentenced to 21 months in prison yesterday by a federal judge in Florida. His crime was not prostitution related. It was for filing a false corporate tax return in 2018, said officials from the Justice Department's Tax Division. Jami Kopacz, of Fort Lauderdale, was also ordered by District Court Judge Roy K. Altman to pay $278,325 in back taxes to the IRS on the unreported income from...

  • Los Angeles Continues to Work on Non-Violent Response Teams of Mental Health Workers to Replace Police

    Corva Corvax, A Logical Opinion|Mar 10, 2021

    On February 23, the Los Angeles City Council heard an update on the work done to create a non-police response program to deal with nonviolent calls. The city council called for the program development in June, 2020, during the height of outrage sweeping the country following the sensational death of George Floyd, arrested for allegedly trying to pass a counterfeit bill. Floyd was later discovered to have a great deal of fentanyl in his system. Since then, the city's chief legislative analyst...

  • Female Prisoner is Racing the Clock to Have a Baby

    Amber S. Jackson, Lucky Lifer|Mar 10, 2021

    Stresses and pressures from all directions. Different prisoners have different worries. Mine have shifted over the years. Yet, relief of one is replaced by another immediately. As soon as we eliminate all Covid-19 cases, the prison immediately institutes harassing us with searches. The entire prison stay is like this. One thing after another. Now, our population is so low it's easy to harass the fewer numbers we have. The food. Arriving on a weirdly shaped plastic brownish tray. With food on...