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Articles from the April 5, 2019 edition

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  • City Council Enacts Moratorium on Permits for Micro Apartments in Downtown Santa Monica

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Apr 5, 2019

    The City Council is concerned about the apparent proliferation of small apartments in downtown Santa Monica. At the 3/26 Meeting, the Council banned construction permits for more apartments less than 375 square feet, unless they are "affordable." Which in Santa Monica means, you know, less than $2000 a month for one room. Developer WS Communities recently filed plans to construct 363 Single Resident Occupancy (SRO) units, in six proposed apartment buildings on Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh streets....

  • The Place that Launched 1000 Boats: Morro Bay, California – Simply Awesome

    Ron Irwin, Observer Staff Writer|Apr 5, 2019

    It has long been said that in matters of real estate the three most important elements to consider are location, location and location. Proof of the validity of that is abundantly evident when you visit magnificent Morro Bay, California located on the beautiful Pacific Ocean roughly half way between Hollywood and San Francisco. Today Morro Bay is home to just a little over 10,000 very fortunate residents and many times that number of annual visitors literally from all over the world. One of the...

  • Golf to the Sound of Bagpipes, Watch a Helium Dance between Mauro and a Clowness

    Mona Day, Observer Staff Writer|Apr 5, 2019

    The show's title Corteo in Italian means 'cortege', and it is about its central character Mauro the Dreamer Clown imagining his own funeral procession as a carnival parade, in a mysterious space between heaven and earth, watched over by caring angels. Mauro embodies the humanity within us all, and the music, by turns lyrical and playful, highlights his strength and fragility, his wisdom and kindness. The parade of fanciful characters includes the circus ringmaster Mr. Loyal the Whistler,...

  • Montana Avenue Bomber Robber Gets Two Years for February 2018 Incident

    Alyssa Erdley, News with Attitude|Apr 5, 2019

    The LA County District Attorney's office announced yesterday that they had secured a two-year sentence for the so-called "Bomber Robber." Robert Abalov of Los Angeles was initially charged with attempted robbery, criminal threats, malicious possession of a false bomb with intent to cause fear, false imprisonment, hit and run, and grand theft. This week, Abalov pleaded no contest to one count of attempted second-degree robbery. Second degree robbery occurs if the perpetrator causes injury to anyo...