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Articles from the July 22, 2020 edition

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  • Kristen McCowan Appointed to Greg Morena's Seat on Santa Monica City Council

    Leonard Brophy, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 22, 2020

    History was made on Tuesday when the majority of council members voted for Kristin McCowan to join them on the virtual dais. With that decision, McCowan became the first black Santa Monica council member. Prior to the appointment, the council had not included a black person of any gender (or non-gender) in nearly 50 years. McCowan, a Santa Monica native in her early 40s, was one of two people among the more than 100 applicants for the vacant seat who had a realistic chance of being appointed....

  • Chinese Army Shaving Uigher Prisoners' Heads, Blindfolds and Loads them on Train to Gulags: Video

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 22, 2020

    The US is focused on a few protestors in Portland, but meanwhile the human rights crisis in China has become really serious. Tape has emerged of a Muslim minority called the Uyghers, being shaven, blindfolded, handcuffed, then shipped on trains by the Chinese Army to concentration camps. "What you’re watching is Uigher Muslims escorted off of trains headed off to forced labor camps. All of their heads are shaved. A second holocaust is happening right now, in the age of technology, and we are m...

  • #NakedAthena Protestor Spreads Her Legs at Police During Portland Protest. Now We've Seen Everything

    Sarah Storkin, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 22, 2020

    So. "Naked Athena" a performance artist, appears in front of a police line and dares them to shot tear gas at her. At one point she sat down in the road, her legs splayed. She did wear a mask, though. Needless to say, Twitter loved it. "Did you see the naked yoga posing protestor?" tweeted Dolly Madison. "She was magnificent! I love Note: The police in the photos are Federal troops, not Portland police. Federal authorities have recently begun a crackdown on rioters in Portland. Countess of...

  • Santa Monica Bus Driver William Alvarenga Retires After 37 Years of Driving Passengers

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 22, 2020

    7/13/20: Big Blue Bus bid farewell to William Alvarenga, its longest-tenured bus "Operator," or driver. Alvarenga had driven for the company for 37 years. "(Alvarenga) was an exceptional Operator. He skillfully drove 30 – 60 ft. buses in dense LA traffic, with no preventable accidents for a record-setting 37 consecutive years," said the company in a statement. "He was (and still is) a dedicated, hard-working, and family-oriented man, who is admired by many, and respected by all. Each morning, h...

  • Cycle Bar Moves Exercise Machines and Social Distances to Keep Clients Coming During Covid

    Mary Leipziger, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 22, 2020

    Cycle Bar in Culver City has taken extreme measures to continue classes during the most recent County of Los Angeles health closures. Steph Sklar-Mulcahy told Inside Edition that moving outside is the only way she can keep her business alive. "We're about 60% regulars right now," Sklar-Mulcahy said. "It's actually pretty awesome. People saw that we're doing this outside and they're coming out for the first time." "People need to continue to exercise to stay healthy, even during the virus...

  • Let's Use Covid-19 to Rethink America's Public Schools. They're Obsolete, Anyway

    Alyssa Erdley, News with Attitude|Jul 22, 2020

    All over the United States, local and national leaders debate the possibility of opening school in the fall. In many areas, officials and teachers are reluctant to invite children to congregate and act as their usual petri dishes, distributing a variety of viruses to each other and their families. This year, the virus in contention is SARS-CoV-2, a germ that has already killed 138,000 in the U.S. to date. Though the risk from COVID-19 to the children themselves is low, it is much higher for...