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Articles from the October 9, 2017 edition

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  • Sept. 20th Shooting Results in Charges Filed against Hector Jehova Bonilla

    Observer Staff|Oct 9, 2017

    On September 20, 2017 at about 3:14 p.m., residents reported a shooting near 20th Street and Pico Blvd. Witnesses said Hector Jehova Bonilla exited an SUV, and got involved in a verbal confrontation with an unidentified victim. Contrary to popular LA opinion, exiting your vehicle and yelling at another driver does not win you an award certificate, suitable for framing and wall mounting. Bonilla was a passenger anyway, so he wasn't eligible for the wall certificate. During the confrontation,...

  • YogaWorks On Montana Avenue Celebrates Thirtieth Anniversary

    Christine Peake, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 9, 2017

    This week saw the land mark celebration of YogaWorks 30th Anniversary on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. To celebrate this special day, they held a successful open house. Guests were served delicious treats/healthy food and drinks, plus special offers and packages were available to all. The food/drinks were sponsored by Peet's Coffee, Marmalade cafe, Spazio, Kaye's provided healthy vegan wraps for all, Wholefoods, Pressed Juicery and Wholistic Nut. We're all on board. Pico rentals provided...

  • Monopoly Guy Sitting Behind Chairman Smith at the Senate Equifax Hearings

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 9, 2017

    Mascot from the boardgame Monopoly is photobombing the hearings on Equifax's massive data breach. Sitting behind Chairman Richard Smith is a dude in a monocle, bushy white moustache and top hat. The clincher is Smith doesn't seem to notice. In September 2017, Equifax announced a cyber-security breach, which it claims to have occurred between mid-May and July 2017, where cybercriminals accessed approximately 145.5 million U.S. Equifax consumers' personal data, including their full names, Social S...

  • SMC Debate Team Wins PSCFA Regional Award at El Camino College

    Grace Smith, SMC|Oct 9, 2017

    Santa Monica College (SMC) is pleased to announce that the SMC Speech and Debate Team won several awards at the Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Association (PSCFA) "Warm Up" Tournament held at El Camino College September 30-October 1. Seven of the 14 SMC students who competed won high-level awards in International Public Debate Association (IPDA) debate, in which each competitor engages in four rounds of one-on-one debate, with only 30 minutes to prepare before each round. SMC students...

  • Death of a Mountain Lion: P-41 Dies in the Verdugo Mountains

    Kate Kuykendahl, Natl Park Srvc|Oct 9, 2017

    Mountain Lion P-41 Found Dead in Verdugo Mountains By Kate Kuykendahl, NPS. The mountain lion known as P-41 was found dead yesterday on the edge of the Verdugo Mountains, near the Shadow Hills neighborhood. The cause of death is unclear, in part because the carcass had already deteriorated over a period of a few days before the death was reported by a local resident. "P-41 had already overcome a number of challenges to survive in a relatively small home range with habitat fragmented by roads...

  • The choice begs the question: Are City Parks for Chaos or Community?

    Zoe Muntaner|Oct 9, 2017

    "Championing justice is not charity work. It is not meant to make anyone "feel good." And this idea that we should "win people over" by watering down our principles and approach confuses social movement building with political campaigning (where the message keeps changing according to the audience). This is not a popularity contest. Which means I'm not after your vote." ~Dr. Ruha Benjamin The waters have settled following the commotion from the last three workshops of the Committee for Social...

  • No Way Out: A Modest Proposal to Lower Greenlandic Suicide Rate

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 9, 2017

    By American standards, it is a big problem in a small country. Greenland has the world's highest suicide rate, 50 per year in a population of around 56,000. This yields a suicide rate of nearly 1 per 1000, or 24 times the suicide rate in the US. Greenland sources tell us the country experienced 28 suicides in the first 9 months of 2017. Why do so many young Greenlanders kill themselves? No one knows for sure. Theories include geographical isolation and the cold. We state the problem at the end o...

  • Air France Flight from Paris to Los Angeles Suffers Engine Failure Over Greenland

    Observer Staff|Oct 9, 2017

    An AirFrance Airbus 380 flight from Paris to LAX suffered a major engine problem over Greenland on September 30th, but was able to land safely in Canada. On 30 September, Air France flight 66 en route from Paris to Los Angeles suffered an engine failure over Greenland. The aircraft, an Airbus A380-861 powered by Engine Alliance GP7200 engines, suffered a failure of the number 4 engine-the outer, right engine.

  • Dove Soap Posts Provocative Ad on Facebook, Showing a Black Woman Becoming White.

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 9, 2017

    Dove Soap, a division of Unilever, posted an ad on Twitter that many saw as racist. It shows a black woman removing a brown shirt to reveal a white woman. "I cannot conceive of how anyone at Dove thought this ad was acceptable. This is literally how Victorian soap was advertised by Unilever..." tweeted Hannah Rose . "Let's be clear, Dove knew exactly what they were doing with their racist ad. Soap companies used to do this racist theme all the time," tweeted Tariq Nasheed‏ We missed the m...

  • The Rise of the Feminine Side

    Todd Savvas|Oct 9, 2017

    Some people aren't too surprised to hear about the news that men in power have used that power to take advantage of women for their own benefit. Those least surprised are women. But when did it become the status quo for women to be placed under men, to earn less than men, to be controlled by men, reduced by men and abused by man's perceived power? For that answer we need to look way back into mankind's past. To the inception of the patriarchal, monotheistic religions. In days gone by women were...