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Articles from the December 15, 2020 edition

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  • Dan Crenshaw Jumps Out of an Airplane and Unto Hood of Antifa Sedan in New Video

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 15, 2020

    In new video posted by the New America PAC, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (Rep. TX), jumps out of an airplane landing on the hood of a car. Two hooded figures, whom we associate with Antifa, scream as they see Crenshaw land on their hood. We are then invited to attend a rally in Walton Co. Georgia, for the Republican Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and Sam Perdue. In the video that seems like a James Bond film, the eyepatch wearing congressman supports Republican Sen. Candidates Loeffler and Perdue. Until...

  • As a Crappy Year Ends, Choir of Singing Portapotties Sing the Hallelujah Chorus

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 15, 2020

    Can this year get any worse? Well, probably not. But remember, in total darkness, you can see the light of a single candle a mile away. And you can see a row of singing portapotties performing the Hallelujah choir on the streets of Chicago. And probably smell them as well. The story of the singing porta-potties begins with an Illinois company called Service Sanitation. They deliver portable toilets to construction sites, events and wherever needed. "We believe that every individual, wherever...

  • LA DEA FORTUNA: Omnia vincit amor

    Lucrezia Barboni, Special to the Observer in English and Italiano|Dec 15, 2020

    Questa citazione rappresenta quello che è il cuore pulsante di "La Dea Fortuna", ultimo capolavoro cinematografico di Ferzan Ozpeteck. All'interno del film viene proposta una riflessione sui tormenti dell'animo umano, in cui, l'amore funge da "fil rouge" durante tutta la visione del film. La trama si incentra su una coppia, Arturo e Alessandro (interpretati da Stefano Accorsi ed Edoardo Leo) e una donna, Annamaria ( interpretata da Jasmine Trinca), migliore amica di Alessandro. Arturo ed...

  • Twitter Removes Video of Silver Monolith in Orbit, Shot from International Space Station. Men in Black?

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 15, 2020

    Jack Dorsey does kind of look like an alien. But do the Men in Black run Twitter? Last week, yours truly reported that a NASA video shows a silver monolith in orbit about 3 KM from the International Space Station. This is a simple statement of fact; all you have to do is watch the video, if Big Tech would permit you to. The object resembles silver monoliths recently discovered in Utah's Red Rock Desert, in California, the UK and Romania.

  • How to Escape Holiday Cabin Fever During a Pandemic

    Liz Angeles, Special to the Observer|Dec 15, 2020

    Is your child making you crazy? Don't feel bad. We are all going through it! Every day I have high hopes of taking a bath or doing yoga while the kid is on zoom school, But two hours later the bath is cold, and I got NO yoga in--AGAIN! "Mom, can I have this? Mom, look at this! Mom, where is my...? Mom, can you help me with this? Mom, I'm hungry!" Here we go again on lockdown and find ourselves baking and cooking more. Nothing like comfort food, right? Luckily we now have not one, but two Trader...

  • LAPD Captain humiliated by nude photo can sue; FBI owes money to Muslims put on no-fly lists and other stories: Monday Morning Memo

    Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Dec 15, 2020

    Courthouse News Service: Judge OKs trial for LAPD captain humiliated by photo distribution A veteran Los Angeles police captain who says she was subjected to a hostile work environment after a nude photo of a woman was circulated in the workplace amid false claims that the image depicted the plaintiff, can take her case to trial, a judge ruled Tuesday. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John P. Doyle denied a motion by lawyers for the city to dismiss the case brought in January 2019 by Capt....