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Bill Rosendahl said to be near death


Former Los Angeles City Councilman and local cable TV executive Bill Rosendahl is said to be near death, according to Facebook friends' posts. This from Mike Bonin:

"Many of you have been asking for an update on Bill Rosendahl. In January, it seemed to his doctors and to his family that Bill would be with us for only a few more days. He was transferred home to make his transition surrounded by the familiar embrace of friends and family.

But this is Bill - a man with an unconquerable spirit and life force. He has defied expectations and is still hanging in there. Some days he is very strong, responsive, and somewhat communicative. Others days he is much weaker, non-responsive, and seems to be fading. He is eating well, is comfortable, and is not in pain. According to his brother Tom, his life expectancy is unclear. Some doctors have said he might be with us for just a few more weeks, while others have said it might be a matter of a couple months.

On good days and bad, it is evident that Bill enjoys his visitors, whether they read to him, tell him stories, or simply hold his hand. The number and frequency of visitors has diminished in recent weeks, but his friends are still welcome to visit, any day of the week, without appointment, between 10 am and 4 pm.

As always, I am happy to read or relay any messages from any of you to Bill."


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