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Kellyanne Conway on the Couch: "I'm surprised at what qualifies as news these days."

During a meeting with Historically Black Colleges, Conway Gives Birth to an Internet Meme


March 3, 2017

Kelly Anne Conway, Get your feet off that damn couch?

Get your feet off the damn couch, Kelly Anne! Screamed Twitter as Kelly Anne Conway was asked to take a picture during President Donald Trump's meeting with the leaders of historically African American colleges. And so another Internet meme was born.

On Social media, a debate raged over a photo showing White House adviser Kellyanne Conway’s casual posture while sitting on an Oval Office couch, she stressed to reporters Tuesday that the focus should instead be on the reason she was there in the first place.

"I'm worry ma'am no shoes on the couch, I did not make the rules."

Leaders from the nation’s historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, met Monday with administration officials to share “expert insights on policy issues impacting their individual campuses.”

Before the meeting, described as a “listening session,” President Trump greeted the chancellors and presidents in the Oval Office.

“Coverage should rightly be on the actual visit and the incredible, important work of these men and women at HBCUs,” Conway said.

Conway, counselor to the president, wrote in emails to The Post on Tuesday that she was asked to snap pictures of Trump with the educators “to chronicle this significant event.” She knelt down on an Oval Office couch to snap a photo of the group.

"Didn't Bill Clinton get a BJ from Monica Lewinsky on that same couch?" asked one Tweet.


Reader Comments(1)

Dave writes:

The Bowling Green massacre. Now THAT qualifies as real news.


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