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In Now Removed Report, NBC News Admits Pelosi Initially Told SFPD Everything was "Fine," and Walked back to Re-join DePape

NBC report says it is unclear what the two were doing for 30 minutes before the San Francisco Police arrived at the Pelosi Residence.

Stan Greene may have been on to something. NBC News reports that there are many big questions in the Pelosi case. The NBC report says it is unclear what Pelosi and the suspect were doing in the house for the 30 minutes before SFPD arrived.

It looks like our initial report about an acquaintanceship between Paul Pelosi and his attacker, David Depape, just might have had a little tiny bit of truth to it after all. And it looks like the media is trying to bury it.

"NBC has removed this report from its Twitter and site," tweeted @AndyNgo. "The reporter details how assault victim Paul Pelosi allegedly did not declare an emergency & walked away from police to go back to the suspect. It's unclear if he was already injured when he opened door. . . "

"An editor's note for the retracted report on Paul Pelosi says, "The piece should not have aired because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards." Andy Ngo continued.

The report was by NBC reporter Miguel Almaguer. "Of course NBC took it down," said Tucker Calson of Fox News on his November 4th broadcast. "They had to take it down, because they knew it was true."

Our initial report on the possible personal relationship between Depape and Pelosi was excoriated by all the main stream media, including but not limited to @MSNBC, @nytimes, @latimes, @washingtonpost, @yahoonews.

In the dispatch that was released immediately, Pelosi said DePape was a friend, and his name was David.

NBC news posted then quickly removed a report that Paul Pelosi walked back into the house towards his attacker, and did not initially report the incident as an emergency.

The videos will live on forever on Youtube and other social media, no doubt. As will all the opprobrium on social media from the legacy media FOR BEING RIGHT ONCE AGAIN.

After everyone in the media excoriated me, and our newspaper as a fake news website, to be vindicated if only in part is indeed sweet.


Reader Comments(2)

DumbassGreen writes:

Impressively bad take by you, I’m impressed

bigman writes:

Amazing amount of power these criminals have to bury and change a story at will. They command the justice department, the police departments and the media. We are screwed!