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Articles from the October 18, 2023 edition

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  • George Gascon, Current Los Angeles County District Attorney, Declines to Participate in Candidate Debate for His Position

    Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Oct 18, 2023

    LOS ANGELES (10/6/23) – Law enforcement labor partners sponsoring the upcoming Los Angeles District Attorney Candidate Forum have been informed that current Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón will not be participating. The decision comes without any provided reason or explanation. The Candidate forum is sponsored by several significant law enforcement associations – including the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS), the Los Angeles Professional Peace Officers Asso...

  • How Will My Wife's Social Security Be Affected by her Teacher's Pension?

    Rusty Gleer, Association of Mature American Citizens|Oct 18, 2023

    Ask Rusty – How Will My Wife's Social Security Be Affected by her Teacher's Pension? Dear Rusty: My wife, born in 1960, was a Texas school teacher for about 10 years and receives a $1,000 per month pension from that work. She didn't pay into Social Security while teaching, but she paid into it for about 23 years while working elsewhere. I paid into Social Security my entire life, the maximum in most years, so my SS benefit will be much greater than hers. I understand there are some sort of p...

  • It Appears Hamas and Iran are Asking the U.S. and Israel to "Give Peace a Chance."

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 18, 2023

    Analysis: Last Saturday Hamas committed the worst terrorist attack in the Western world in 20 years. With no warning, Hamas’ Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades slaughtered 1400 people, raped women and beheaded babies in their cribs, just for being Jewish. Hardly partners for peace. Israeli PM Netanyahu committed his country to total war. “Everyone in Hamas, you are all dead men” he said looking in the camera. The 300,000 men and 600 Merkava tanks the IDF assembled on the border of Gaza backed up his thr...

  • Humane Society of the United States 2022 Tax Return Shows Only 1% of Money Given to Pet Shelters

    HumaneWatch|Oct 18, 2023

    We obtained the latest tax return for the Humane Society of the United States, a national organization that raises money to save homeless animals. The tax return, covering 2022, shows HSUS wasting millions. Despite its name, HSUS is not affiliated with local humane societies. And it generally only gives about 1% of its money as financial grants to pet shelters–which once again appears to be the case in 2022, based on reported grants. Here are more highlights from the 2022 tax year: CEO Kitty B...

  • Cat Ce and Comedian Friends Delivered Comedy Show In Solidarity With SAG-AFTRA Strike

    Christine Peake, PeakePRGroup|Oct 18, 2023

    America's number one Asian female comedian Cat Ce and her comedic big hearted friends performed today, much to the strikers delight at the SAG-AFTRA picket line and delivered some much needed laughter to the on going strike. Strikers were delighted and cheering for the 5ft 4inch power house! "Wow we needed this soooo much, she was hilarious and even signed autographs after the show!" said a picketing young star struck actress. The 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike is an ongoing strike action that began on...

  • One of the Biggest Sporting Matches on the Planet is this Weekend and most Americans are not even aware of it.

    Preity Upala, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 18, 2023

    Los Angeles — It is time the Cricket match between the great cricketing nations of India and Pakistan, for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, held in India. The politics and drama engulfing any India-Pakistan match these days is unmatched by almost anything else in any sport globally, let alone Cricket. This sporting spectacle will be hosted in the world’ largest Cricket stadium, the Narendra Modi Stadium, Gujarat, with an expected audience of 132,000 spectators at the venue. The global TV aud...

  • Shani Louk's Mother Asks for the Public Help in Finding Her. She Was Last Seen Naked on the Back of a Pickup Truck in Gaza

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 18, 2023

    The mother of Shani Louk, the 32 year old woman whose body was seen on video in the back of a pick-up truck driven by Palestinian terrorists to Gaza, released a statement earlier today. Speaking in German while displaying Shani's picture on her phone, Ricarda Louk appealed for help to find her daughter. She confirmed she had seen her daughter on the video and asked the public for help with more information. She displayed her daughter's identity papers, which indicated her nationality is German....

  • Naked Woman Paraded by Hamas Millitants in Gaza in a Truck, is a German National Named Shani Louk. Her Tattoos Match Those Seen on Instagram Photos

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 18, 2023

    Update 11/16/23: IDF says it has killed one of the terrorists who paraded Shani Louk’s naked body through the streets of Gaza on October 7th. Update 10.30.23 Israel’s president says Shani Louk’s skull has been found, decapitated from her body.

  • One of the best fall foliage spots to see autumn

    Best Fall Foliage Spots: Discovering Southern California's Autumnal Beauty

    Chanin Victor, Travel and Lifestyle Editor|Oct 18, 2023

    As the warm embrace of summer transforms into the crisp chill of fall, nature unveils its vibrant masterpiece: the spectacular display of autumn foliage. The transition from green to fiery reds, oranges, and yellows paints landscapes in an exquisite palette, enticing travelers to embark on a leaf-peeping adventure. If you're based in Southern California or seeking a nearby autumn escape, fret not, for the West Coast, too, boasts breathtaking spots for witnessing fall foliage. We'll also...

  • One of the Hamas Killers and Rapists of Shani Louk has been Identified by Social Media Photos: Mahmoud Abourjila

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 18, 2023

    One of the Hamas operatives who murdered a German-Israeli girl and paraded her naked body around Gaza on the back of a truck, has been identified. Reportedly, his google phone was hacked abroad. Update 11.16.23: "This is the power of the internet," tweeted Visegrad 24, a Lithuanian news source. "We have identified a murderer. This is Mahmoud...

  • Couture Jewelry Designer Margaret Rowe Appearing at Barnes and Noble

    Christine Peake, PeakPRGroup|Oct 18, 2023

    Santa Monica resident, award winning celebrity jewelry designer Margaret Rowe is deservedly the best kept secret amongst Hollywood's A-list actors! Her stunning designs are a goto favorite of the prominent Hollywood stylists who help create fabulously memorable red carpet looks for their clients, whether for movie premieres, galas or the annual awards season. Margaret has earned a loyal A-List following over the years for her unique, vintage inspired designs that recall much missed memories of...

  • paella dish at Manchego restaurant

    Spanish Tapas Fusion: Manchego Restaurant is Santa Monica's Hidden Gem

    Chanin Victor, Lifestyle and Travel Editor|Oct 18, 2023

    Manchego Restaurant is a cherished destination for Spanish cuisine enthusiasts. The owners, avid travelers to Spain, constantly enrich their menu with insights from their journeys, infusing the authentic Spanish spirit into their offerings. What sets Manchego apart is a delightful twist---a blend of Spanish authenticity with a touch of the Mediterranean breeze and a dash of Latin zest. Authentic Manchego-made solely from La Mancha sheep's milk-epitomizes true Spanish heritage. The restaurant,...

  • Women standing in front of Ocean Prime logo sign in restaurant in Beverly Hills

    Ocean Prime Beverly Hills: A Simple and Delightful Dining Experience

    Chanin Victor, Lifestyle & Travel Editor|Oct 18, 2023

    Ocean Prime Beverly Hills, nestled at the vibrant corner of Dayton and Wilshire, has long been a cherished dining destination. Renowned for its stellar seafood and steak offerings, the restaurant has recently added five new dining options, focusing on ease and simplicity in choices for an enhanced dining experience. We recently stopped by for a delicious lunch... Prime Lunch Menu: A Lunchtime Treat Made Easy: At Ocean Prime Beverly Hills, Lunchtime is now a delightful journey with their Prime...