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Articles from the December 12, 2021 edition

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  • Gascon Indicates Some Victims - Rich and Famous Ones - Actually Deserve Justice

    Corva Corvax, A Logical Opinion|Dec 12, 2021

    December 7, 2021 - Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon proudly announced yesterday the charging of a Los Angeles man with the murder of Jacqueline Avant. This particular press release was a vast departure for the "criminal justice reform" DA, whose press releases rarely involve boasts about catching violent criminals. His more recent press releases include information about a restorative justice project, an anti-racism initiative, and moves to reform juvenile three-strikes laws....

  • How to Apply for Social Security: Step by Step Instructions

    Rusty Gleer, Association of Mature American Citizens|Dec 12, 2021

    Ask Rusty – How Do I Apply for Social Security Benefits? Dear Rusty: I would like some advice concerning Social Security. In January I will be 62.5 years old. I was laid off two years ago and have not had a steady income since (though I still have bills to pay). I also did not qualify for unemployment. Therefore, what little I had for "retirement" is now gone. For this reason, I have been seriously considering applying for Social Security as soon as I'm able. I remember reading something that s...

  • Samo Student Detained by Police and then Released to Parents' Custody after Threatening Post on Snapchat

    Alyssa Erdley, Observer Staff|Dec 12, 2021

    December 6, 2021 - On Monday morning, the Santa Monica Police Department investigated two separate threat incidents, one at Saint Monica's High School on the north side of the city and the other at Santa Monica High School (Samo), just south of the 10 Freeway. SMPD says the two incidents were unrelated. In investigating the threat related to Saint Monica's, police determined the threatening message both originated at and was aimed toward Elk Grove High School, which is located in Northern...

  • Animal Rights Group Founder Guilty of Felonies in Stealing Animals From Farmers

    Humane Watch|Dec 12, 2021

    Direct Action Everywhere burst into the scene a few years ago by being so radical they make PETA look reasonable. The Berkeley, CA-based animal liberation group made a name for themselves by harassing people eating in restaurants, heckling grocery shoppers, and even stealing animals from farms. And it's the last bit that has landed them in some legal trouble. Following a criminal trial in North Carolina, DxE founder Wayne Hsiung was found guilty of two felonies by a jury this week. The charges...

  • Six Vintage Planes Practice Skywriting Over Santa Monica Sunday Afternoon

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 12, 2021

    The roar of six vintage planes practicing sky writing could be seen over Santa Monica on Sunday afternoon. We were lucky enough to capture them on video as they flew through the sky, occasionally laying out contrails. Santa Monica is home to the oldest airport in California, 100+ year old Clover Field. Sadly, it is very close to housing built during WWII, and is slated to close forever in 2030. Skywriting is the process of using one or more small aircraft, able to expel special smoke during...

  • Don't Be a Holiday Accident Statistic

    LA County Fire Department|Dec 12, 2021

    Los Angeles, CA – Between now and New Year's Day, first responders see an increase in 9-1-1 calls for emergencies related to carbon monoxide alarms and poisoning, electrical fires, and fires caused by unattended candles or through the improper use of space heaters. This past Saturday, Los Angeles County firefighters and sheriff's deputies rescued three residents, including a child, after responding to a fire in a Florence area home caused by a space heater. All three patients were transported t...

  • What Your Cat Wants for Christmas: Gift Ideas for the Holidays or Any Time of Year

    Sabine Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 12, 2021

    If a cat could write a wish list to Santa, they'd probably put down some requests like world domination or a whole ham. But those items aren't necessarily healthy for your cat in the long run. With that in mind, here is a revised wish list of items your cat wants that will enrich their life and your bond. Disclaimer: none of the products mentioned have sponsored or endorsed this article. 12. A delicious meal. There's controversy as to whether dry kibble is truly bad for cats, or just...

  • Chinese Lunar Rover Investigates Apparent Ancient Egyptian Obelisk on the Dark Side of the Moon

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Dec 12, 2021

    A Chinese lunar rover operating on the dark side of Earth's moon, has discovered an object the size and shape of an ancient Egyptian obelisk. The Chinese space agency has released a photograph of the object. The rover is still 70 meters from the object, and it is not clear whether or not its surface is inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphics. But it seems likely. Did the ancient Egyptians visit the dark side of the moon? Or did they form an alliance with extra-terrestrials, as Erich Von Daniken pr...

  • Health and Fear Czar Barbara Ferrer Hints Lockdowns Coming

    Corva Corvax, A Logical Opinion|Dec 12, 2021

    December 3, 2021 - Smoke signals from health and political officials point to closings and lockdowns in the coming weeks and months over fear of the new Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that was (unsurprisingly) detected in Los Angeles County on Thursday. Our local Health and Fear Czar, Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director of Public Health, stated in a press release yesterday that "we have always known there would be more mutations, resulting in the possibility of a more dangerous...