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By Stan Greene
Observer Staff Writer 

Gary Johnson's Flub Causes 5 Point Surge in Polls, Gets Him On All the Talk Shows

Libertarian Candidate has senior moment when he forgets what Aleppo is


September 12, 2016

Gary Johnson forgets what Aleppo is

During an interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe, the Libertarian Party presidential nominee on Thursday flubbed a question on the Syrian civil war, asking, "What is Aleppo?"

Johnson would later say he mentally "blanked." He. needs to average 15% from voters in the polls leading up to the September 26th debate. He is currently averaging around 9%, in the five polls that matter, with a couple weeks to close the gap. If he doesn't only Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican Nominee Donald Trump will participate in the debate.

The MSNBC Commentator asked what he would do about Aleppo, and Johnson said "What's Aleppo?" The commentator correctly told him it's the epicenter of the Syrian civil war. Syria's second largest city after Damascus, Aleppo is also the source of most of the refugees flooding into Europe in 2016.

Aleppo is fought over by numerous militias, including Al Qaeda and Isis, and has been bombed both by the Russians and by the remnant Syrian Air Force. Much civilian suffering emanates from Aleppo.

Johnson has been said to give the appearance of being a daily marijuana smoker, which is pretty much what he says he is. He says if he is not elected President, he plans to spend the next 4 years skiing, which at least is honest.

"His fellow MSNBC panelists were agape, as Johnson had just claimed unfamiliarity with a city at the heart of Syria’s ongoing civil war and humanitarian crisis. Johnson spent the rest of the morning on a self-flagellating apology tour, including a brief follow-up interview with Mark Halperin in which Johnson admitted frustration at his answer, an appearance on "The View," and a statement of public mea culpa."

Later, appearing on the Fox Business Channel's Kennedy, Johnson said, "Let's talk about the policy, not the place. We have the Assad regime in East Aleppo. We have ISIS in West Aleppo, and outside of that we have the Kurds we support, who have a onflict with Turkey. But they are our allies... so the lemonade is to talk about the policy that put us in this position in the first place. And before all of this happened, we were paying Assad to fight Isis. You just can't make this stuff up!"

He's honest, he wants to cut the budget, he's opposed to intervention abroad, both candidates want to increase spending.

"I hope I am on the debate stage, because I am different from the 2 of them in so many ways. But people need to recognize how difficult it is, and why." Johnson said.

Meanwhile, Green Party Candidate Jill Stein was busy spray painting bulldozers in Dakota. A warrant was issued for her arrest.


Reader Comments

OlenWatson writes:

You may be under the false belief that pot is addictive and that of i person uses it for a reason, they are unable to stop. I suggest the author become more engaged with the facts so as to understand that Mr Johnson is a serious candidate. When he says he has stopped, he has. He is a truely honest man.

mmc15 writes:

Governor Johnson began using marijuana when he injured his spine in a paragliding accident several years ago. he stopped using it before he was nominated as the Libertarian party's candidate for president. He never smoked it , He had it in edibles. He has climbed the highest mountain on each of the seven continents, including mount Everest . He has completed triathlons and Iron Man competitions. He rode a bike for 485 miles in a 36 hour race . So to insinuate that he is still smoking or is some kind of stoner is wrong and misleading.


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