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White Woman in a Gorilla Mask Throws an Egg at Larry Elder, Black Conservative Candidate for Cal. Governor

Will it be investigated as a hate crime? Probably not. "If this had been a Black Democratic candidate, it would be non-stop coverage on CNN"

In an act of political violence, a woman or girl wearing a gorilla mask hurled an egg at Larry Elder. Elder, a black Conservative , is a candidate for California Governor in what Dems have labelled "the Republican recall." He was touring homeless encampments in Venice and campaigning at the time the incident happened.

"Touch me again! Touch me again! Touch me again, and I'll f**k you up!" the unidentified woman repeatedly shouts at an older white male, part of Elder's entourage, who intervenes between her and the candidate. She also punched him. Elder is then escorted into a white van and drives off.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, September 8th 2021 in Venice. Elder was then campaigning near a homeless encampment in the recall effort against Gavin Newsom. KABC TV reports that Elder was at 3rd Street and Sunset in Venice when the incident occurred.

"Why are they always so angry?" tweeted Ryland RivasII. "It must be really hard to get through life that way."

"Terrible aim," tweeted another. "She missed from like 4 feet away."

"At least it wasn't a banana." Tweeted another.

Recent polls show Newsom, a progressive Democrat, keeping the top job in California, a deep blue state, by around 8 or 10 percentage points.


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