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 By David Ganezer    Lifestyle    May 2, 2022

Actor Johnny Depp Says Amber Heard Has Borderline Personality Disorder in Recording She Made

In a video recording, actress amber Heard tells Johnny Depp that he flicked a cigarette on her. He is asked if it's true that he put out a cigarette on her skin. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor...

 By David Ganezer    News    May 2, 2022

Coyote Jumps Toddler, Bites Her Face on the Beach Near Huntington Beach Pier Thursday

A young girl was bitten in the face by a coyote on the beach. The attack happened a few hundred yards from the Huntington Beach Pier Thursday evening at around 10 PM. Security camera video captured th...

 By David Ganezer    Sports    May 2, 2022

Major League Baseball Suspends Trevor Bauer for Two Years, Over Allegations of Domestic Abuse

Trevor Bauer has been suspended for 324 games, which is two years, over allegations that he abused his girlfriend. "Trevor Bauer receives 324-game suspension for violating MLB’s Joint Domestic Viole...

 By David Ganezer    Business    May 2, 2022

What Changes Does Elon Musk Plan to Make to Twitter? More free speech, he says

Those on the left view Tesla billionaire Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter with foreboding. The set that wants people like Tim Cook and Jack Dorsey to regulate the rest of us, don't want to give the...


Assaults on Police Up: 627 Batteries Committed Against Los Angeles Police Officers and 219 Assaults with a Deadly Weapon Last Year

Los Angeles, CA-Last night, on 60-Minutes, FBI Director Christopher Wray elevated what front-line law enforcement officers have been experiencing; Police officers are being targeted for assault and...

 By David Ganezer    Lifestyle    May 2, 2022

Swimming in Santa Monica Storm Drains is Unsafe Due to Pollution. So Why are These Children Swimming In Them?

It isn't safe to swim in storm drains in California. They carry dirt and disease down to the ocean. It's especially unsafe to swim there shortly after storms. And yet, people do it anyway. Including...

 By David Ganezer    News    May 2, 2022

Wow: Nancy Pelosi Makes Surprise Visit to Kyiv to Meet Zelensky in Ukraine Capital During War with Russia, May 1

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi pulled off a surprise visit to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine on Sunday morning. She walked through the streets of the besieged capital with...


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