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Articles from the July 29, 2018 edition

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  • British Snowboarder Ellie Soutter dies of apparent Suicide at 18

    Observer Staff|Jul 29, 2018

    British Snowboarder Ellie Soutter has died of an apparent suicide. She was just 18 years old. "She was in great spirits and was really just the lovely Ellie that she is. You could never have anticipated this. This is the last photo we can find of Ellie and it shows her as the beautiful person she was and will always be." tweeted her father. Ellie, who lived in the French Alps with her dad Tony, had travelled back to the UK with her father last month for a family wedding. Another color photo...

  • No Clean Water: Asylum Seekers Hunger Strike at the Adelanto detention in San Bernardino

    Nancy Kaufman, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 29, 2018

    When conditions are such that there is no access to clean, safe drinking water, or edible food, the only way to be heard is to go on a hunger strike. This is exactly what a group of eight asylum seekers did at the Adelanto detention facility, in San Bernardino, on June 12th, 2017. After an arduous journey, these eight Central American men arrived at the southern border of United States seeking political asylum in May, 2017. They were forced to flee El Salvador and Honduras, their home...

  • Santa Monica & Malibu Give Beachgoers Free Sunscreen From Kiosks. No, Seriously

    Observer Staff|Jul 29, 2018

    7/25/18: A new program at Santa Monica and Malibu beaches this summer will give away sunscreen, UCLA announced today. Fifty free sunscreen kiosks will be installed this summer in the 2 beach cities, with another eight around Los Angeles County. UCLA Health and the nonprofit IMPACT Melanoma sponsored the installation of the kiosks manufactured by BrightGuard. The product itself is SPF 30. "I know a lot of parents are really vigilant about putting sunscreen on the children ... (but they should) re...

  • Independence Day: UFO Again seen by Hundreds Fireworks Display in Denver, Colorado

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 29, 2018

    UFOs again appeared above Denver on July 4th, 2018. Across the United States, UFO's are seen by hundreds of witnesses every 4th of July, and the Mile High Stadium is a regular venue for space aliens. Every 4th of July, skydivers are confused by some as Unidentified Flying Objects. But still other see visitors from another world. Reports of UFOs are generated each independence day. The 4th of July UFO are a strange variety of unidentified flying object (UFOs) that were seen all across the...

  • From to Cash to Caffeine -- Beale Street Brews and the Artistic Bean

    Kat Thomas, Editor, Edible Skinny|Jul 29, 2018

    Edible Skinny has been traveling across the country (by our count we've been to 8 states so far...) and we've noticed an interesting pattern: converting older bank buildings to coffee shops. From cash to caffeine, seems to be quite the trend! With that in mind we thought we would note a few of these from money to mocha spaces! Here's to life being delicious, all your moments being postcard worthy, and your moments ALWAYS including mountains of cash AND caffeine! ;-) Beale Street Brews in...

  • Actor Isaac Kappy Accuses Director Steven Spielberg, Others of Pedophilia In Rambling Video,

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 29, 2018

    In a rambling video posted Thursday night on Youtube, Isaac Kappy accuses Steven Spielberg of being a pedophile. "At the top level, these people are just sick and psycho!" he says, mentioning the famous director by name. Isaac Kappy's personal issues seem perhaps more acute than Spielberg's, based on his performance in the video. It is train of thought, stream of consciousness, skipping from celebrity to celebrity. Kappy includes everyone from Tom Hanks to Michael Jackson "who hated Spielberg!"...

  • Santa Monica's Luxe Hotel Le Meriden Delfina Hosts Au-Soleil A Summer Soirée with Hollywood guests in Attendance.

    Christine Peake, Observer Staff|Jul 29, 2018

    Two hundred guests were in attendance and were no doubt all looking fabulous wearing the requested summer attire of yellow and white at Le Meridien Delfina in Santa Monica. Actor and director Alexander Wraith (Agents Of Shield/Orange Is The New Black) hosted "Au Soleil- A Summer Soirée" for his friends and Hollywood co-stars. Fresh off the success of Directing, co-writing with Sean Stone and acting in 'The Fury Of The Fist,' Alexander took time out to enjoy the afternoon with his beautiful and...

  • Nationwide #Spectrum Outage Affects Data, TV. @Dodgers Baseball interrupted

    Jul 29, 2018

    7/29: A widespread outage of spectrum data Internet and television was recorded in California, Philadelphia, and New York. Monday night was hot in the south west, and this may have strained the power grid. Carolina Collins tweeted: I would like to also point out our internet is down as well- so no #hulu & #Netflix watching... Thanks #Spectrum 🤦🏻‍♀️ #verizon #spectrum #frontiercommunications #Comcast Rerouting Complete Network Returning To Normal Stand By Checking For Anomolies Update Foun...