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 By Observer Staff    News    April 23, 2017 

Massive Power Outage in San Francisco Leaves 90,000 customers Without Power

Officials say that a circuit breaker failure at the Larkin Substation, caused the fire that left nearly 90,000 customers in San Francisco without electricity. Pacific Gas and Electric reports that...

 By Zane    News    April 23, 2017 

Study Paints Somber Picture of U.S. Mental Health Status and Access to Care

More Americans than ever before suffer from serious psychological distress, and the country's ability to meet the growing demand for mental health services is rapidly eroding. Researchers from NYU...

 By Rebecca James    News    April 23, 2017 

Last Person Born in 19th Century Dies in Italy

The world's oldest person, Emma Morano, has died in her own home in Verbania, Italy. Emma Martina Luigia Morano (29 November 1899 – 15 April 2017) was an Italian supercentenarian who, prior to her...

 By Zane    News    April 23, 2017 

Study Reveals Shifts in Vocabulary Since 2016 Presidential Election

While the 2016 Presidential election left Americans split across party lines, there is one thing the majority can agree on – more than half (53%) of overall Americans now feel more informed about...

 By Stan Greene    News    April 23, 2017 

Trump Orders Complete Disclosure of UFO Data Kept by CIA In Area 51

As he spoke to astronauts on the International Space Station on Monday, President Donald Trump has ordered the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency to review and release all files...

 By Zane    News    April 23, 2017 

Healthy Climate Alliance Announces Bold Goal - 300 ppm

We have a moral obligation to leave our children a healthy climate; We have the key technologies to achieve it: 300 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere by 2050. We, as a society, have a moral o...

 By Zane    News    April 23, 2017 

Rescued Eaglet Returned to Mr. President & The First Lady in the National Arboretum

During the evening of April 20th, the right leg of 23-day-old Bald Eaglet "DC4" became precariously lodged inside a hole within the outer rails of its large stick-nest. The eaglet was unable to free...

 By Zane    News    April 23, 2017 

Downtown Los Angeles Center Studios Receives Sustainability Awards

Los Angeles Center Studios has been recognized for overall savings in energy management as well as recognition for the highest percentage of savings in energy management. LADWP officials and City...

 By Zane    News    April 23, 2017 

Save the Penguins: Urgency Grows for Governments to Establish Network of Protected Areas off Antarctica

The Pew Charitable Trusts has called on the 25 member governments of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) to continue their efforts to establish a network...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 21, 2017

Saint Monica's Catholic Church and other local Churches Celebrate Easter.

Monsignor Torgerson lead an over flow crow of parishoners in prayer at Saint Monica's Catholic Church North of Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica on Sunday morning, April 16th. The main church holds...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 18, 2017

Residents Complain About Blade Helicopter Service to Coachella Music Festival

If you're affluent enough to pay $695 a seat, you can helicopter from Santa Monica Airport to the Coachella Music Festival this weekend. But some people will not be happy for you. Several local...

 By Observer Staff    News    April 18, 2017

Pregnant Sea Lion Rescued From Overpass in Marina Del Rey, California

Drivers called 911 to report a sea lion on the Lincoln Blvd Bridge in Marina Del Rey Friday morning. This according to Los Angeles County Animal Control officers. Officers with the Marine Animal...

 By Observer Staff    News    April 16, 2017

Second Drug Related Death in Three Weeks of a Santa Monica High School Student

The body of a teenage girl found on April 7th, 2017 along the Los Angeles River in Long Beach, turns out to be that of a Santa Monica High School junior, Leslie Hernandez, 17. Witnesses called Long...

 By Observer Staff    News    April 13, 2017

If An Old Growth Redwood Tree Falls in Santa Monica, Does Anyone Hear It?

As Ecclesiastes said, there is a time for everything under heaven; a time to be born and a time to die. An old growth Redwood tree finally had to be taken down on 9th street. It had died during the...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 3, 2017

Police Called on Moms, as Exterminators Poison Termites at Roosevelt Elementary School

Exterminators executing a death contract against school termites, called the Santa Monica Police on a few school moms observing pesticide fumigation tenting proceed at a local elementary school. The...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 3, 2017

Council Approves Extensive Seismic Retrofitting, Zero New Energy Law

In the last election, City Councilmember Kevin McKeown said that if the public voted down a restrictive measure that would have required voters approve any new development, he would slow down the...

 By Observer Staff    News    April 3, 2017

Carbon Monoxide Causes One Death, 13 Injuries Around Michigan Indoor Swimming Pool

In Niles Michigan, Quality Inn employees discovered one 1 child dead, 13 people unconscious and in critical condition. The incident is being blamed on a carbon monoxide accident at hotel swimming...

 By Observer Staff    News    April 3, 2017

Sick Westside High School Student "at Independent School" has Meningococcal Disease

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health warned the SMMUSD that they are investigating a high school student for meningococcal disease. There is a vaccine, and it's possible to recover from...

 By Observer Staff    News    April 3, 2017

Syrian Government Launches Chemical Attack on Syrian Town; 58 Reported Dead

A suspected sarin gas attack on Khan Sheikhun in Syria's Idlib Province has killed at least 60 people. The Syrian government, alone among the factions in the Syrian Civil War, is known to possess...

 By David Ganezer    News    April 1, 2017

Some Roosevelt Parents Object to Termite Spraying This Spring

Roosevelt Elementary school plans to tent school buildings this Saturday, April 1, 2017, and spray for termites. But some parents think the plan is for the birds, and dangerous to the birds, bees and...

 By Observer Staff    News    April 1, 2017

Fires Scorch Thousands of Acres in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, in flyover country, 1000's of acres burned in Kansas and Oklahoma, touched off by lightning and fueled by dry winds. Hundreds of farmers and ranchers were forced to shoot hundreds of cattle...

 By Observer Staff    News    March 25, 2017

Firemen Save Dog From Burning Santa Monica Apartment With CPR, Oxygen Mask

3/21/17: Santa Monica Firemen rescued a dog named Malu, who had been overcome with heat and smoke, from a fire in a 2 story apartment building across 7th Street from the main entrance to Santa Monica...

 By Observer Staff    News    March 23, 2017

SamoHi's Andre Zuczek, 15, Dies After Dropping LSD and Falling from Window

The SMMUSD has confirmed that a Santa Monica High School boy died over the March 17-20th weekend, after falling out of a window during "a bad trip on acid." Principal Antonio Shelton released a...

 By Observer Staff    News    March 23, 2017

Public Assists in Finding a Missing Autistic Adult, Romario Snow

Update, 3/21: Romario Snow has been located in the City of Inglewood. He will be reunited with his mother shrotly and is in good health. He was locsted as a result of the media coverage. Thank you...

 By Observer Staff    News    March 23, 2017

Charter Boat Runs Aground Near San Clemente Island; 25 Passengers on Board

SAN DIEGO – The Coast Guard coordinated the rescue of 25 passengers and crew after their vessel began taking on water near San Clemente Island, Sunday. At 2:51 a.m., Sunday, watchstanders at Coast...


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