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Articles from the January 18, 2022 edition

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  • UK Pilot Films UFO Fleet Over the Western Pacific Ocean

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Jan 18, 2022

    I am often skeptical of reports like this one, but it comes with video that just can't be ignored. A pilot believes he saw a series of UFOs while flying over the Pacific Ocean. He captured a video clip of the 12 lights, apparently rotating and moving at high velocity. The clearest UFO video in years shows 12 lights moving in formation at high velocity. In the video, the pilot can be heard saying: "I do not know what that is. That is some weird s**t. That is something flying." The pilot then...

  • FBI Agents Storming Ft. Worth Synagogue to Rescue Hostages Seen in Raw Video

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Jan 18, 2022

    Video released by a local TV news station shows FBI agents storming the Beth Israel synagogue to rescue the hostages Saturday night, 1/15/22. In it, four or more men from the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team swarmed the building and moments later, four single gunshots ring out. The gunshots are followed shortly by a loud explosion. British Terrorist Malik Faisal Akram died in the rescue, which may be seen on the WFAA website at

  • Juvenile Caught with a Ghost Gun at the Santa Monica Pier

    Alyssa Erdley, Observer Staff|Jan 18, 2022

    January 11, 2022 - On Saturday evening about 5:30 pm, Santa Monica police officers were conducting a routine patrol of the Santa Monica pier when they approached a group standing near a pickup in Parking Lot 1 North. The pickup truck was loaded with the vending carts that are illegal to operate on the pier, lacking pier licenses and health permits. A male in the group near the truck lifted his arms and the police officers noticed the black handle of a handgun protruding from above the male's...

  • Murcia Crime Family Member Arrested at Santa Monica Pier for Assault with Hot Oil

    Corva Corvax, Observer Staff|Jan 18, 2022

    January 11, 2022 - On Saturday evening, SMPD were able to arrest a female suspect in a vendor altercation incident that occurred in November. The original incident on November 21 involved two female illegal vendors at the base of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. stairs. The female victim told arriving officers that she had been challenged by another female vendor to fight. The victim took out her cell phone to record her antagonist's actions. The challenging female, later identified as Michelle...

  • Legislature Considers Blunting Prop 47; 1,000 LA First Responders Test Positive, Must Quarantine; Beverly Hills Unanimously Supports Gascon Recall; and Other Stories: Monday Morning Memo

    Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Jan 18, 2022

    Courts & Rulings California Supreme Court rejects early releases for violent crime The California Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday that corrections officials need not consider earlier release for violent felons, even those whose primary offense is considered nonviolent under state law. The ruling stems from inmates' latest attempt to expand the application of an initiative championed by former Gov. Jerry Brown and approved by nearly two-thirds of voters in 2016. AP Maglula beats Amazon in...

  • Say His Name, Gascon - Police Union Blasts LA District Attorney for Refusing to Name Murdered Police Officer in 'Condolence' Tweet

    Los Angeles Police Protective League|Jan 18, 2022

    Los Angeles (CA) Federal prosecutors filed criminal charges against four Florencia 13 (F13) gang members for violent crimes in aid of racketeering (VICAR) for the murder and robbery of Los Angeles Police Officer Fernando Arroyos. The U.S. Attorney's actions are a complete repudiation of the dangerous policies and heartless treatment of crime victims exhibited by District Attorney George Gascon. "As Los Angeles experiences a 15-year high in homicides and 54% increase in shootings since 2019, our...

  • Video of Freight Train Yard in Chicago Shows Trains Being Looted by Men

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Jan 18, 2022

    If you didn't get that laptop you ordered on Amazon, I think I can explain why. A video posted to twitter shows men looting a freight train as it stops in a Chicago rail yard. This problem which has recently come to light in Los Angeles, appears to be affecting other rail yards in other towns as well. It is one of the causes of the supply chain crisis in the United States. A crowd of men loot a freight train in Chicago in a video posted by @ronmilnerboodle, which may be seen at this link:...

  • LAPD Seeks Homeless Man Who Murdered Young Woman From Pacific Palisades as she Worked on La Brea Avenue

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Jan 18, 2022

    Update 1/14/22: The LAPD now describes the suspect as "homeless," adding that it is unlikely the victim and perpetrator knew each other. Separately, departing LA mayor Eric Garcetti asserted that Los Angeles crime statistics were still much better than they were in 50 years. 1/13/22: Los Angeles police are seeking a suspect who stabbed and killed a 24 year old woman from Pacific Palisades, as she worked alone in a furniture store on La Brea Avenue in LA's Fairfax Corridor. The murder took place...

  • LAPD Names 31 year old homeless man as chief Suspect in Murder of Brianna Kupfer

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Jan 18, 2022

    The LAPD has named a homeless man as the prime suspect in the stabbing murder of Brianna Kupfer, 24. The murder has shocked Los Angeles and the rest of the United States. The 24 year old graduate student was working alone at a furniture store in the high end part of Hancock Park, an area that had been regarded as safe previously. "31-year-old Shawn Laval Smith has been identified in connection with the murder of Brianna Kupfer, which occurred in the 300 block of North La Brea Avenue on January...