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Articles from the April 21, 2017 edition

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  • SMC Student Film Accepted into the American Pavilion at Cannes

    Grace Smith, SMC|Apr 21, 2017

    Santa Monica College (SMC) says that "Spaghetti Romance"-a short film written and directed by SMC student Carrie Finklea-has been accepted into The 20th American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase during the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. SMC is the only U.S. community college represented in the showcase; other student filmmakers featured hail from School of Visual Arts, UCLA, USC, and the American Film Institute, among others. The third SMC student film to screen at The American Pavilion,...

  • Angels Wings Foundation and Royal Thai Consulate of Los Angeles Launch a Community of Thai Scholars

    Zane|Apr 21, 2017

    In an inspiring effort to provide financial assistance for Thai high schoolers in the greater Los Angeles area, the Angels Wings Foundation is awarding up to $240,000 in scholarships to 24 rising college students of Thai ancestry from Los Angeles County. The new scholarship underscores Angels Wings Founder Porntip Bui Simon's unwavering belief in the power of education. The Angels Wings Thai Scholarship is a new initiative intended to recognize and honor Thai-American students who have...

  • Hundred Year Old Santa Monica Pier Seeks Volunteer Docents

    Observer Staff|Apr 21, 2017

    Santa Monica, CA – Imagine how cool it would be walk along the historic Santa Monica Pier with someone who can tell you what happened where, who made it happen and what made the Pier so fascinating in the first place? Wouldn't it be even cooler to be that "someone" who's sharing the stories? The Santa Monica Pier Corporation is currently seeking volunteer docents to guide visitors through the rich history of the century-old Pier. Docents will be trained to share fascinating stories about the apa...

  • Flamboyant Cuttlefish and the Eternal Mystery of the Pipefish at UCSD's Birch Aquarium

    Sabine Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Apr 21, 2017

    If you haven't seen a flamboyant cuttlefish before, picture this: a plushy purple almond of about three inches long, abutted at one end with a set of ten lacy wire appendages, one or two of which seems to be bent perpetually up in what looks curiously like a hand giving you "the finger." Two of those appendages, the arms, beard languidly down from the chin and become a set of legs, manoeuvering in a left-right-left pattern along the sand, just the way a human would walk – except trailed by three...

  • A Time Capsule Associated With Jules Verne Has Been Discovered in the French Pyrenees

    Zane|Apr 21, 2017

    A multidisciplinary team of archaeologists and historians from the Paris Descartes University and The Explorers Club NYC have made an extraordinary discovery close to the French Pyrenees in the Occitaine region. Work started in September, and using drones and ground-penetrating radar they have been able to find a metal container dating from the end of the 19th century. The investigation started thanks to the meticulous study of the works of Jules Verne and, in particular, analysis of the famous...

  • Mark of Zorro Found at Santa Monica Public Library

    SMGOV|Apr 21, 2017

    Santa Monica Public Library presents a screening of the 1920 silent classic, The Mark of Zorro, with a live musical score performed by the Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble, on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Main Library's Martin Luther King, Jr. Auditorium, 601 Santa Monica Blvd. The Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble returns to the Library for a new live performance-to-film production of the silent adventure romance, starring Douglas Fairbanks and Marguerite De La Motte. The Mark of Zorro...

  • How to get into Stanford With a 3.0 GPA, and 400 on the SAT: Write #BlackLivesMatter 100 Times

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Apr 21, 2017

    When Ziad Ahmed faced his college applications to Stanford University, California's most prestigious private college, he gave the perfect answer for today's politically correct admission committee. The application asked "What matters to you and why?" Ahmed wrote #BlackLivesMatter 100 times, and got admitted. Even though he's not black. Genius, right? Because after all, that proves he's qualified, right? Anyway, the Pakisatani American tweeted his application and admission, and the story went...

  • Saint Monica's Catholic Church and other local Churches Celebrate Easter.

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Apr 21, 2017

    Monsignor Torgerson lead an over flow crow of parishoners in prayer at Saint Monica's Catholic Church North of Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica on Sunday morning, April 16th. The main church holds 926 people, 100 or so more standing in the back. The building will be the site of 8 masses today, at 75 minute intervals. There are also masses to be held in the Pavilion, and in the Gym. So one can arrive pretty much anytime and join in prayer. The holiday celebrates, of course, the resurrection of...

  • If Your SMMUSD Kids Have Norovirus, Please Keep Them Home, Says District

    Observer Staff|Apr 21, 2017

    The Santa Monica Unified School District says it's hopeful they're past Norovirus. The school has sent home a letter to parents saying what measure's it's taken to get past the outbreak of the contagious gastro-intestinal illness. Students are on a two week Spring Break, which ends on Monday, April 17th. And the schools want you to keep your kids home if they're sick. "As you are aware, all schools in our district battled a norovirus outbreak prior to spring break that started in early March....

  • Fiery Kimchi is the Reason Okinawans Live a Full Century

    Ron Irwin, Observer Staff Writer|Apr 21, 2017

    A while ago I reported on the glorious fact that the good people of Okinawa on average live beyond 100 years. To the best of known statistics that makes the Okinawans the longest living group of people on earth. Their long life is no real mystery however but can be explained by their diet and eating habits that reduce over consumption and focus heavily on vegetables and sea food. In fact as you examine the life expectancies around our world those who live longest also have the healthiest food...