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Articles from the June 9, 2016 edition

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  • Report: Exercise Maven Richard Simmons Is Transgender, Transitioning to a Woman

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 9, 2016

    Update: 6/8/16 The National Enquirer, which has broke many stories in the past, reports that Richard Simmons is transitioning to be a woman. In a front page article entitled "Richard Simmons secretly living as a woman named Fiona," the article reports the "shocking news" that the athletic exercise guru, believes he is a woman trapped in a man's body. At home, he puts on women's clothing. Then hangs around in bars. Yes, he's a lumberjack, but he's OK. Like Jenner, Simmons has decided to undergo...

  • Cricket, AT&T offer $5 Credit Per Line Compensation for Nationwide Cell Phone Outage:

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 9, 2016

    Update: Cricket Wireless has still offered no explanation for the nationwide cell phone outage that began 2 PM on Friday, May 27 and lasted until 7 a.m. PST on Saturday, May 28, 2016. However, they are offering a credit of $5 per line to each customer. You do have to call 611 from your phone and ask for it, and then wait on hold while some dude in Costa Rica processes the refund. That $5 per line, so in my case, it was $25. It was an unprecedented national cell phone outage that began at 2 PM...

  • Maria Sharapova: Two Year Suspension for Unintentional Anti-Doping Violation

    Christine Emerson, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 9, 2016

    Tennis pro Maria Sharapova, was given a two year suspension from professional Tennis for blood doping, the star announced on her Facebook page. "Today with their decision of a two year suspension, the ITF tribunal unanimously concluded that what I did was not intentional," she said. Her lawyer, John Haggerty, said Sharapova took the substance after the date of the Australian Open. Wednesday's ruling said Sharapova did not intend to cheat, but bore "sole responsibility" and "very significant...

  • We May Be Living In a Video Game, says Elon Musk. Rise of the Machines!

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 9, 2016

    Elon Musk has been called a twenty-first century Leonardo Da Vinci. When he was 21, he and his brother invented a way to send money by e mail. They called it PayPal. He sold the company to Ebay for $100,000,000 when he was 24. He is the genius behind SpaceX, Solar City and Tesla Automotive. He may well be the smartest man alive on Earth today. And women completely baffle him. But that is a story for another day. At the annual Recode Code Conference, he decided to let us in on his thoughts...

  • Modern Greece Set Against Backdrop of Rising Unemployment, Socioeconomic Turmoil, Financial Instability, & Illegal Immigration

    Daniel Margolis, Observer Movie Reviewer|Jun 9, 2016

    "Worlds Apart" (Enas Allos Kosmos), Greece's highest grossing movie since 2009, made its North American debut on June 5, 2016, at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, closing out the tenth annual Los Angeles Greek Film Festival. The film was so successful in Greece that its gross revenue even surpassed "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". "Worlds Apart" stars Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons, as well as internationally acclaimed actors Christopher Papakaliatis, Andrea Osvart, Maria Kavoyianni, Minas...

  • FBI: Hillary Clinton to face Criminal Indictment for Email Abuse Very Soon

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 9, 2016

    Update, 6/9/2016: President Obama today whole heartedly endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. This seems to create a conflict of interest for the Dept. of Justice, which has announced publicly that they are investigating her for violations of several statutes. It seems to require the appointment of an independent counsel prosecutor under statutes enacted in response to Nixon's transgressions. Stay tuned. Last Saturday, a journalist employed by liberal Huffington Post reported that the Federal...

  • Stanford Rape Judge Gave Turner a "Gentle" Sentence, Because It was kind of a Weak Case.

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 9, 2016

    A letter read by the victim before sentencing has grabbed the nation's attention and garnered millions of hits. Don't misunderstand me. Rape is a serious, heinous crime that has effects lasting a lifetime. But a reading of the facts stated by the victim indicates to me, as a former criminal defense attorney, that this was a tough case for the prosecution, and she's lucky that the jury convicted Brock Allan Turner at all. So here's my legal analysis: Turner, 18, met the 22 year old victim, when s...

  • Libertarian Johnson advocates civil liberties, peace, ending cronyism

    Libertarian National Committee|Jun 9, 2016

    ALEXANDRIA - Bernie Sanders supporters who reject the offensive, dangerous rhetoric of Republican Donald Trump and the militarism and corporate ties of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, have another choice. Two-term New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is the Libertarian nominee for president, who, along with Trump and Clinton, is expected to be on the ballot this November in all 50 states. Johnson is a staunch advocate for marriage equality, and a passionate defender of...

  • Mexican Health Minister Robles Addresses United Nations HIV/AIDS Conference

    Health Mexico|Jun 9, 2016

    • Representing Mexico, the Minister of Health participated in the High Level United Nations Meeting on HIV / AIDS 2016 • He was one of 17 speakers of the Assembly, which is attended by representatives of about 130 countries The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is not a problem in some regions of the world, it is a matter of all countries and demands to build inclusive societies where people have the same rights, said the Mexico´s Health Minister, Jose Narro Robles in the High-Level United Nati...

  • Alabama Federal Court Intervenes to Allow Gay Marriage, Despite State Supreme Court

    Liberty Counsel, Press Release|Jun 9, 2016

    June 9, 2016, MOBILE, AL - U.S. District Judge Callie Granade issued an order June 7, 2016 in an attempt to permanently overrule the Alabama Supreme Court regarding marriage. According to Granade, the order is needed because state laws against same-sex marriage remain in effect, and the Alabama Supreme Court issued an order in March 2016 affirming three orders from 2015 that prohibited probate judges from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Judge Granade states that several Alabama...

  • Do Fish feel pain? Do lobsters suffer trauma from domestic or urban captivity?

    Sabine Rose, Linfield College|Jun 9, 2016

    As science continues to delve into the depths of Earth's taxonomic soup, an increasing amount of evidence suggests we are not the only people on the planet. For centuries, humans have held the conviction of our uniqueness to be sacrosanct. We claimed it was our intelligence, our self-awareness, or our capacity for martyrdom that differentiated us from the mass of claws and fangs that writhed mindlessly beneath our shoes, the "wild beasts" trapped in an evolutionary back alley. Modernly,...

  • Petition: Black Lives Matter's Jasmine Richards' "Felony Lynching" Conviction Be Overturned

    Yasmina Dardari, Unbendable Media LLC|Jun 9, 2016

    Richards was sentenced to 90 days in jail and three years probation for "felony lynching" after attempting to remove another black woman from police custody. PASADENA, CA - A Care2 petition with over 8,100 signatures is demanding that Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey overturn Black Lives Matter activist Jasmine Richards' "felony lynching" conviction. Richards was convicted of "felony lynching" after attempting to free another black woman from police custody. She was sentenced...

  • Hazmat Release at Starkist Foods in Riverside

    Observer Staff|Jun 9, 2016

    An unloading accident caused an acid spill that prompted the evacuation of a Starkist Foods canning facility in Eastvale, Riverside County. 15 workers went to a hospital for hazardous chemical inhalation, said the Riverside County Fire Department. A firefighter also went to the hospital with unspecified minor injuries not related to breathing difficulty, officials said. Roughly 40 gallons of concentrated cleaning acid spilled about 2:45 p.m. Thursday, June 9, at the expansive facility at 12450...