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On the Day of the Homeless Count: a Question for the Homeless Industrial Complex

Over the past two years eight lawsuits have been filed by clients and former employees against the City’s sole provider of homeless services, The People Concern. A current lawsuit by a former...

 By Olga Zurawska    Opinion    June 25, 2019

City to Fund $669K in Improvements to Samoshel Tent after 25 Years of Neglect

Thanks to community advocacy, City Council approved $669K in funding for improvements to Samoshel - an interim housing facility located on City property, leased and operated by OPCC dba The People...

 By Olga Zurawska    Opinion    June 10, 2019

Advocates Slam Himmelrich, Cole, Maceri over Homeless Services in Santa Monica

We oppose the extension of funding for OPCC dba The People Concern, unless the City commissions an independent fiscal and performance audit. If the City extends the funding, we propose it should be...


Dead Bodies, Conflicts of interest & Fat Salaries: The Murky Waters of City's Social Services

I have serious concerns about the qualifications and performance of the Santa Monica Social Services Commission, and particularly its Chair Mr. Parent, as well as the staff liaison Ms. Yavari, whose...

 By Olga Zurawska    Opinion    June 18, 2018

City Council Continues to Enable Abuses at OPCC Facilities Despite Mounting Evidence

This Council is about to approve $1.6M in public funding for OPCC dba The People Concern, supposedly for the provision of homeless services. This is despite the City being on notice for at least two...


Homeless Count Justifies Misuse of Public Funds by OPCC

The homeless count is a cause for celebration for homeless services providers because it gives them an idea of how much public funding they will be receiving to sustain themselves for another year....


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